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Weekday lunches are quite difficult for me to plan – I’m always on the go at work, so I need a container that’s durable and strong but isn’t too bulky given that I carry a laptop around each day. I’m also trying to eat healthily with lots of variety, so one tupperware box just wasn’t suitable for this. To avoid taking a load of heavy, unhealthy pasta in with me I decided to purchase an adult bento box from Jeopace, hoping that it would encourage me to include healthy things whilst not feeling weighed down by different containers.

Product features

Eco-friendly Jeopace bento box for adults - with lid on
The bento box (label is easily removed)

The bento box for adults comes in a variety of different colours – champagne, light blue, light pink, purple, or transparent for the rectangle shape, and lilac or transparent for the round shape. I quite liked all the colours but opted for the champagne as I was using an Amazon gift card and it came to the closest price. The product cost me £10 which I felt was very reasonable considering I’d be using it daily and it had multiple features. I chose the rectangle shape because this worked best with the shape of my rucksack and I just really liked how it worked – it’s a manageable size and is so lightweight that you won’t even notice you’re carrying it. Despite being labelled as a bento box for adults it can be used for any age, and works great for events such as picnics and barbeques as well as lunches.

What initially drew me to this particular bento box is how eco-friendly it is. Although it’s not 100% plastic-free due to a silicone rubber ring it’s completely BPA-free and made of wheat fiber rather than plastic (including the fork), which I’ve actually found a lot more durable and difficult to stain than plastic containers. It’s microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe, plus completely leak-proof due to the sturdy snap lid.

On The Go

I’ve had my fair share of leakage disasters throughout my life so I’m always a bit hesitant when it comes to trying out new containers – so many supposed leakproof containers have completely failed me! As I walk a lot for my job with a rucksack on my back there’s loads of movement going on, so many days have ended with various sauces dressing my notepad and laptop (not great). I was quite shocked to find that the leakproof label on this particular product isn’t a lie – I’ve been using it for well over a month and not a single leak! One thing I have noticed, however, is that even though the compartment walls inside are fairly high, particularly liquid substances can travel from one compartment to the other, so bear this in mind when you decide how to place the bento box in your bag. This only happened with me once, and it was a particularly oily Asian noodle salad that I’d bought from Aldi and had positioned with noodles at the highest point, meaning gravity got involved.

Eco-friendly Jeopace bento box for adults - inside product
The bento box on the inside, including fork and holding space

One thing I noticed was how stain-resistant the product is – there’s not a single stain on the product despite the things I’ve put in it (and I was really worried about the after-effects of that noodle salad!). I believe this is due to the wheat fiber, and any food remaining inside can be washed off in a matter of seconds. I also noticed a significant decrease in odorous food smells, with it staying quite neutral most of the time. Admittedly I haven’t tested it out with seafood, but no one’s complained when I’ve whipped out a boiled egg on the train! The only thing I’d advise is that, although the included fork is usable, it’s quite small and not so great for tiny food like rice, so I’d take a spare along just in case (I’ve found it works great for salads and pasta though).

The one thing I really love about the product, even more so than all of the aforementioned benefits, is how it’s improved my attitude towards my lunches. Since using the bento box I’ve made significantly healthier food choices, and there’s so much more range within my lunch now. Rather than eating one heavy meal at lunchtime that wipes me out for the rest of the day I now snack intermittently, eating little and often whenever I’m hungry. It’s made me excited to plan out my lunches, and I now have loads of bento box cheat sheets saved to my Pinterest account so I can come up with new and interesting combinations each week.

Final Thoughts

My experience with Jeopace’s bento box for adults as been 100% positive – it’s dramatically reduced the stress of planning and carrying around lunches, and has made me feel better about myself and my diet in the process, plus the fact that I can now be more eco-friendly with food storage. I’d recommend this product to anyone, but it’s a must-have for sure if you travel a lot like me and want to incorporate healthier, varied foods into your diet.


Purchase Links

If you’d like to purchase your own bento box for adults by Jeopace then you can do so using the following links:

Jeopace Bento Box for Adults – Amazon UK
Jeopace Bento Box for Adults – Amazon US

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40 thoughts on “Jeopace Bento Box For Adults | Liven Up Your Lunches With This Eco-Friendly Option

  1. This is perfect, I’ve been looking at my daughters bento boxes with jealousy for a long time debating on getting an adult version!! Nice lunch pics too!!

  2. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for when I start work again. It would be perfect to be able to segment your food. Thank you so much for sharing 😀

  3. This is such a great idea! Definitely worth the £10 and I think it would definitely lead to healthier and more varied meals. It’s so easy just to take the same old beige thing to work every day. Thanks for introducing me to this 🙂

  4. I love how eco friendly this in. The sections look like a perfect size and it is something I would definitely consider buying.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. This is such a good option for those of us who are looking for more ways to go eco-friendly! I like this one a bit better than the standard metal bento boxes. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Yeah it’s lovely! I imagine the metal ones are heavier, too – I can barely feel this one in my bag (except for all the food I’ve crammed into it, of course)

  6. I’m terrible about packing lunches…I usually just throw a protein bar in my bag or something. I would definitely try a bento box though if I actually started putting effort into my lunch making!

    1. It’s interesting because it’s encouraged me to make more of an effort whilst also getting me to enjoy the process of creating my lunches, because now I get quite excited about what I can put in them and how colourful and pretty it will look. You should try it!

  7. I absolutely love a good container, and the fact that these are eco-friendly and purse-friendly is a huge benefit. I love the look of this, the variety of foods just in your photos has really inspired me!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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