About Pages Places & Plates

Launched in 2019 as a site for the experiencers of the world, Pages Places & Plates is all about books to read, food to eat, and places to explore.  If you need something new in your life (but aren’t sure what) then this is a good place to start!

Pages Places and Plates - view of the ocean and sand at Diani Beach in Kenya
Diani Beach in Kenya – one of my all-time favourite ocean-based experiences

I’m passionate about good experiences and want to share mine with everyone. That includes something completely off-the-wall and exciting like an international excursion, or something slightly less intense such as a good book. I want to give my readers a real depiction of whatever it is that I’m reviewing so that it can be experienced by many others if it deserves it. I aim to provide a balanced look at each experience for you to make your own mind up about.

And now onto me! I’ve enjoyed writing all my life, whether it be fiction or non-fiction… There’s nothing quite like sitting with an empty notebook, pen in one hand and tea in the other. I’m working on a couple of fiction projects but now focusing on branching further into the non-fiction world of reviews.

I’m well-versed in reviews – if you’re into films and games then you know my reviews on the CEX blog. I have also reviewed items for my local magazine and online sites. Pages Places & Plates has given me a chance to review even more topics that I am inspired by and you can expect to find reviews for books, cafés and restaurants, British experiences, and international travel.

Pages Places & Plates - aerial view of prawn toast, spring rolls, and sweet and sour sauce on a restaurant table
One of many excellent food experiences I’ve had at Pearl of Samui, my local Thai restaurant

As well as my website I also have a presence on social media so please follow me. You can expect blog updates, photos, and even the occasional giveaway!

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