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I’ve got really into personalised items recently, and the internet has made such products become so easy to find and buy. There are loads of options out there, but if you want to get personalised socks with faces on them (random, I know!) then Printsfield is a website you should be checking out right now.

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I’m Jakub (yes, I’m definitely a dog person) and together with my fellow worker and best friend Mykhailo – we decided to establish a space where all passionate people will find unique accessories expressing their love towards their beloved family members, pets and colors.
We’re a rapidly growing start-up powered by our uncontrollable creativity, unshakeable faith in our goal, as well as selfless help of our friends and family members who support us with their unique abilities and talents such as creating texts, designs and website built. Together, we built this magic world!  
Printsfield is all about happiness, bright colours, surprise and help. Choose your favourite bright-coloured designs, personalize them with your pet’s picture, impress everyone with the unique accessories or surprise your friend with a great gift and – at the same time – help our four-legged brothers! 
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My Review

I was a bit apprehensive at first, if I’m truly honest, as I couldn’t see how it would be possible to print an actual photo onto a pair of socks and still have them arrive in good quality (both for the photos and the material). I had to give it a go though as why would you not want to own a pair of socks with faces on them?!

The ordering process was simple – all I had to do was choose a sock design, base colour, and then upload a clear photo to the website. I of course chose my partner’s beloved face to adorn my feet (a friend suggested their could be some symbolism here – walking all over him – which I liked) and went for a bright mint colour which I knew would make his face stand out to everyone nearby.

Printsfield Personalised Socks

The socks came within a couple of weeks (which is fine considering that there’s a printing process that has to occur before they can be shipped) and I was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped them – you can view my unboxing video here.

The socks themselves are made out of a really good quality material – they’re so soft and comfy, and the photos have come out really well. I was concerned that they would be blurry or stretched but this is not the case – they do of course stretch as you put them on, but a simple adjustment gets them back to normal. Each sock is “one size fits all” – the heel is slightly high on my awkwardly shaped feet, but this doesn’t affect the comfort of them in any way. For someone with normal feet they would probably fit perfectly.

Printsfield Personalised Socks

I was also quite surprised with how warm they are – a perfect winter sock, yet nice to wear in warm weather as well – plus they feel cushioned on the underside which makes walking around in them a lovely experience. I’m trying to make sure I wear them with shoes or slippers at all times to prevent wear (they are rather special, after all!), but it’s nice to know that they’re super comfortable even when worn on their own across a hard floor.

Printsfield Personalised Socks

The main thing of course is the reaction that I’m got – I’m not sure my partner has quite got used to me walking around with his face displayed multiple times on my socks but he admitted that they’re pretty cool, and everyone else I’ve shown them to (a lot of people, which will increase) has found them hilarious. As well as people, you can also get cat, dog, and other pet faces printed onto them, with a variety of different designs. The hearts made sense to me because it’s my partner, but their bestsellers collection for personalised socks has some other great patterns – hamburgers, pineapples, dog bones, and more.

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t quite aware how much I really needed a pair of socks with faces on them, but now I own a pair I’m really glad that I got them printed! They’re so much more inventive than the standard block colour socks that I own so many pairs of, and it’s actually made the whole sock-choosing process pretty exciting. I’d totally purchase more from Printsfield in future and they’d make a great present idea for Christmas as well.

If you’re looking to create custom socks online, whether for yourself or for a gift, then you can’t get better than Printsfield.

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If you’d like to purchase your own pair of personalised socks then you can do so via Printsfield’s website. Use my exclusive discount code ‘pagesplacesplates20‘ to get 20% of all products!

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39 thoughts on “Printsfield Personalised Socks | Unique Gift Idea For Men And Women

  1. I love this gift. I think it is something unique, funny and cute all at the same time.
    Perfect little gift or stocking filler.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Personalized socks! This is just so funny! First time I’m hearing of this, can’t imagine ever making up my mind on what photo to choose – I can imagine it may be something popular during the holiday season 🙂

  3. These are a riot! Honestly I’ve been thinking about getting these with the faces of my dogs… but I guess who wouldn’t want socks with MY face on them? Perfect mother’s day or father’s day gift right there 😂

    Steph 🌱

    1. Haha I believe it’s just faces at the moment, however they don’t need to be human! They also have really cool patterns to go with them such as hamburgers and other random icons.

  4. I may actually need to invest in these for Christmas. Apart from being a very practical gift I think my other half could do with some socks with my face all over them and vice versa to brighten our day! Thank you for putting me on to these, they are so quirky and fun 🙂

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