Walton Classic Vehicle Show/Crafts And Beauty Fair | Essex-Based September Show With Stunning Vintage Collection

Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex isn’t particularly known for its events, given that it doesn’t host many, but the Classic Vehicle Show that happens every September is one I always look forward to. This year they went for something a little different – the Classic Vehicle Show, as always, combined with a beauty and craft fair in the Columbine Centre!

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The Classic Vehicle Show

There’s always a great range of vehicles showing at The Classic Vehicle Show at Walton-on-the-Naze, but this time there were more than ever. I was taken aback by the sheer amount of MGs and Triumphs, two of my favourites, and there were so many other beautiful vintage British classics to be seen. So many cars in Britain are imports so it’s lovely to see that stunning British vehicle aesthetic of days gone – back when cars had so much character.

The American vehicles on show were also amazing, including Pontiacs, Buicks, Chevrolets, and Edelbrocks. Again these are cars that are rarely seen on our roads, so being able to see so many in one go is quite a sight. I’ve always loved those classic, heavy cars from the US (you know, the ones that look like they couldn’t turn a corner), and the examples on show were in beautiful condition.

For those that like their cars fast there are plenty of racers to be seen too, and these were the ones that seemed to be gaining the most attention (much from me, I’ll admit). Two of my favourites were this beautiful Ferrari and the stunning Lamborghini Superleggera that was on display – it took a long time to get the photo as there were so many people crowded around it!

It’s not only cars though – there was also a great range of motorbikes, trucks, and even quad bikes on display. One curious one was The Pod, a bizarre American vehicle kitted out with a mock dining scene, and my favourite non-car vehicle was of course the Bedford, an absolute beast of a truck which I got to be driven around in last year whilst on safari in Kenya.


The Crafts & Beauty

Once we’d ambled around the entirety of the Classic Car Show (which took quite some time!) we headed into the Columbine Centre, the community hub of Walton-on-the-Naze, for the crafts and beauty fair featured inside. Although only in one main space there were a fair few stalls to look at, ranging from handmade jewellery to beautiful Christmas gifts. Colours To Make You Sparkle With Emma was there, who you’ll remember from the event I attended at Psara Piercing, along with the newest addition to the high street in Walton-on-the-Naze – Heady’s Hobbies & Gifts.

Walton Naze Classic Vehicle Show Craft & Beauty - inside of the Columbine Centre for the fair

We didn’t end up buying anything as we’re currently saving up as much as we can, but I totally fell in love with the beachy products as we walked in – beautiful decoupaged shells and gorgeous framed pieces made from sea glass. My mother-in-law bought a lovely set of decoupaged slate coasters from Heady’s, again with a maritime theme.

The Extras

Another difference from last year was all the extras that came with the event. There were many more sales stalls dotted around the car exhibits than usual, my favourite selling a great range of vehicle-focused metal signs (included some really cool bottle cap wall decor pieces that I loved!).

Walton Naze Classic Vehicle Show Craft & Beauty - vintage metal car signs

We also got to listen to live music plus a vintage DJ set, and there were a few food options available such as Green Monkey Catering and a nice little coffee van where we stopped off for a drink before heading home. There was also entertainment set up for kids, and of course the event was right next to our beautiful new playpark which made it perfect for all the family.

Final Thoughts

For a free event, Walton’s Classic Vehicle Show in Essex is a great afternoon out for a September weekend and has lots for everyone to enjoy – especially with the new ‘Blue & Pink’ aspect of both cars and beauty. I’d love to see more events like this in Walton-on-the-Naze as we clearly have such a great space for it, but for now this one is an excellent reason to visit our sleepy seaside town for a reason other than the beach.

Have you ever been to a classic car show before? Share your experiences below! Please also like and pin if you enjoyed this review. You can check out some of my other reviews of UK events and days out here:

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21 thoughts on “Walton Classic Vehicle Show/Crafts And Beauty Fair | Essex-Based September Show With Stunning Vintage Collection

  1. What a great event! Here in the US, these car shows are plentiful, a celebration that crosses generations…love seeing the vintage cars, the cars from different countries, and the newest ones as well…terrific photos, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. What a fun event! I love looking at classic cars. Where I live they do exhibitions often and I’m almost always one of the only few females there but I love going regardless!

  3. I love events like this, we are a family of petrolheads and over years have been to quite a few though locally there doesn’t seem to be as many as there used to be sadly. I enjoy a browse in the crafts and collectibles tents as such good finds for unique gifts. Looked like you had a fantastic day.

  4. I do love a classic American muscle car, they don’t make them like they use to. Although if I ever owned one, I’m not sure I could square away the environmental cost of running on, and putting in an electric engine just seems sacrilegious

  5. This looks like such a fun event. I’m not exactly big on cars, but for someone that loves them, this seems like the perfect event to attend. Love the photos though! Classic cars do have a different appeal to them, I guess, like you said, they had more character.

  6. I don’t know a ton about cars but there’s something universally appealing about vintage models isn’t there?! I also am so intrigued by The Pod, I love the look of it! This is the kind of event I really enjoy, and all the stalls sound like a fab addition. And you can’t argue with free can you?!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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