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First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone that has followed my blog and engaged with me so far – you’re all so lovely and have inspired me in a multitude of different ways. After reading your blogs one such inspiration came in the form of below – a new idea to add to my blog!

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New Blog Feature

The design of the website isn’t yet finished (but will be soon, I promise!), however I’m very excited to announce a new feature of Pages, Places, & Plates… Product reviews! Being a review site I want to review as many good quality things as I can, so will now be reviewing products every so often as well as what I review already. These will mostly be linked to books, food, experiences, and travel, but there may be other products in there as well! I’d really like to emphasise a focus on eco-friendly products, as this is something that I’m passionate about.

My original reviews will still take priority, but expect a product review every month or so as well now to further enhance your reading and exploration. I was quite hesitant about this idea but you’ve all made me realise how much fun it can be and why it’s a great thing to expand into.


Paperless Post

I’d like to start off my product reviews with a mention of a brand that helped me to design my thank you image above, which is Paperless Post, who are revolutionising the sustainability of event invites with their eco-friendly invitations. The website allows you to create your online invitations for events in the forms of cards or flyers which are then sent to recipients via email and messaging apps and tracked on your account.

Image from Paperless Post

Each design costs coins (you get 25 free coins just for signing up!) and increases depending on how many features and recipients you have, which makes it flexible and easy to stick within a budget. The design I used was actually free, however I can then send it out once made as a thank you note for a small cost. The tracking feature means that you can easily see who has RSVPed to your event and they can send their answer using a virtual response card that you set up yourself. These can both account for lots of different types of information which should make the invitation process more streamlined (especially if you’re like me and always forget to include the important stuff).

The designs used on the website are beautiful and made by individual artists (I fell in love with the ones by Hannah Berman). They are all fully customisable right down to the envelope lining and even the stamp. The website can be slow at times due to the amount of graphics and editing options but if you exercise a little patience you can produce some wonderful creations that not only look great and are cost-effective but also reduce the environmental impact of sending out invitations.

If you’re looking to shake up your invitation game, whether for personal or professional use, then I’d recommend Paperless Post as an eye-catching and current way of doing so!

Have you opted for an online version of something traditionally paper-based before? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and pin!

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