AD: Cricketers Gin | Locally-Sourced London Dry Gin Bursting With British Flavour

Those of you that know me will know that I’m a massive gin fan – it’s my go-to alcoholic drink whatever the weather. I’m particularly interested in British gins, being from England, so Cricketers Gin, a London dry gin distilled in Berkshire, was the perfect brand for me to try out.

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Cricketers Gin

Cricketers Gin is an independent British gin company set up by father and daughter founding partners, David and Rachel. The journey began on a relaxed Sunday afternoon, with a refreshing gin and tonic, watching cricket on Pinkneys Green. Surrounded by the stunning Berkshire countryside, Rachel & David decided that this quintessential British game, along with the wild botanicals growing in abundance, deserved a bespoke gin of its very own. 
David has a lifetime of experience in the restaurant industry; having worked with prestigious West End brands, as a Sommelier, owned his own restaurants, and has studied in Beaune, Burgundy and with WSET. Today he is happily enjoying retirement and the launch of Cricketers Gin!
Rachel enjoyed a successful career in Brand and Marketing, before following her dream to become a Primary School Teacher. After teaching for 15 years, Rachel now runs her own tutoring business where she works 1:1 with children struggling with the curriculum. This business has allowed her to spend more time with her own young children, and of course develop the exquisite Cricketers Gin recipe!
Their combined experience, together with a shared love of a gin and tonic, have been the winning combination that has culminated in the creation of an exquisite gin.
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My Review

The first thing I noticed about Cricketers Gin is the lovely bottle – it’s a sturdy shape, containing 70cl of 40% artisan crafted gin, with a simple purple and white design. The floral image underneath the text immediately conjures up thoughts of British rural summers, emphasising the gorgeous range of locally-grown ingredients within.

Cricketers Gin British Alcohol London Dry Gin Locally Sourced

The back label describes the product as containing “wild marjoram, creamy milk thistle, sweet and sour blackberries, harmonise with zesty orange, spicy coriander and subtle tones of liquorice, to deliver an exquisitely smooth juniper-forward gin”. I’ve drunk many varying qualities of gin since I became a fan of it, and what really strikes me with good quality gins is just how prominent those flavours are. I’m sure we’ve all had a bad quality gin from the local offie at some point (uni, most likely) – the ones with only the alcohol flavour are certainly the ones to avoid!

Just from the smell of Cricketers Gin I could tell immediately that it is very good quality, with many aromas coming through. The liquorice was noticeable first, balanced by zesty smells and real fruity undertones. It’s strong-smelling, but not overpowering.

Cricketers Gin British Alcohol London Dry Gin Locally Sourced

I usually opt to drink my gin with lemonade rather than tonic (I know, I’m a heathen – I genuinely thought for many years that I hated gin, and then I realised it was the tonic I didn’t like!) and the citrus flavours lend really well to this combination. The juniper flavours are lovely, and you can also taste the blackberries and subtle liquorice notes. The gin itself is incredibly smooth, making it an easy drink which I think would be gorgeous on a British summer’s afternoon. I’d go as far as saying it’s probably my favourite gin I’ve had – I usually opt for gins and gin liqueurs with a specific flavour, such as violet or elderflower, but this one is absolutely beautiful as it is.


Final Thoughts

I’m really impressed with the quality of this bottle of Cricketers Gin – it’s so flavoursome and is a real drink to have for the taste, rather than the alcohol content. I’d recommend any Brits giving it a go as well as anyone over here on holiday, as it’s quintessentially British in flavour and really showcases what our locally-produced London dry gin has to offer. No doubt I’ll be buying more of it in the future!

Purchase Links

If you’d like to buy your own bottle of gin from Cricketers Gin then you can use this link on their website to find a stockist near you, or you can order from their online shop.

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10 thoughts on “AD: Cricketers Gin | Locally-Sourced London Dry Gin Bursting With British Flavour

  1. Very interesting review! It sounds like this gin would be a very refreshing drink on a warm summer day. It was nice reading about its founders too!

  2. I’m a huge gin fan and I’m so pleased that it’s becoming so fashionable! We’ve got loads of amazing producers up here in Scotland, but I really like the idea of trying a traditionally English one like this. I also really love the bottle! So pretty.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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