Vegan Christmas Gift Guide 2020: The Best Vegan Gift Ideas For Food, Beauty, Decor, And More

With so many people choosing to become vegan or reduce their animal product consumption, it’s highly possible you’ll be searching for vegan gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas festivities. Knowing what is and isn’t vegan can be a minefield… It’s hard for those of us who are vegan already, let alone non-vegan gift buyers. And that’s where I’m here to help!

I’m passionate about promoting vegan businesses and products – especially small businesses within the UK, or owned by minorities. I’ve compiled a list of the best products I’ve come across this year to make it easy for you! All products have been tested by me before inclusion, and I can confirm now that I love all of them. I’ve separated them into different categories for you – food/drink, bath/skincare, self-care/wellbeing, clothing/accessories/decor, and Christmas extras – and have even managed to bag some great discounts for you all! Read on for some fabulous vegan gift ideas which will make writing your present list less daunting this year!

***AD: This post features press samples but all thoughts are my own***

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Food & Drink

Pick n mix selection boxes from Cofton Candy Company

First up is a product I didn’t know existed, but now can’t get enough of! Cofton Candy Company offer vegan pick n mix boxes which are delivered straight to your door! I couldn’t believe it but they taste even better than non-vegan pick n mix. The boxes contain a real range of different sweets and you can even choose a bespoke selection should you want. Perfect for any vegans with a sweet tooth, you can choose from a variety of sizes on the Cofton Candy Company online store.

Get 10% off by choosing the letterbox selection and adding discount code XMAS20 at checkout!

Tasty flavoured nut/seed selections by Miss Nang Treats

Before trying Miss Nang Treats I didn’t know just how creative you could get with nuts and seeds. Bursting with flavour, her gourmet snacks are like none other that I’ve tried… And they come in so many different varieties! It’s impossible to announce a favourite, but I adored the Cashew-Beet (cashews with beetroot juice – surprisingly delicious!) along with Vee-Cornish (sugared vanilla and Cornish sea salt peanuts) and Charco-Al (almonds with charcoal, nutmeg, and orange). You can order individual packets or taster sets (available in Sweet, Savoury, or specific nuts/seeds) – check out the Miss Nang Treats website to explore the delectable range of flavours!

Use voucher code PPP1120 to get 10% off if you order by Dec 13th – code can be used up to five times per email address!

Vitamin infused tea by Tea+

Who doesn’t love tea in the UK?! It’s a great gift, and you can buy some really exciting and original teas from Tea+. You may well know them already from Dragon’s Den! Their teas are infused with vitamins to provide more than the average cuppa, with each type serving a different purpose. Their raspberry and pomegranate tea, for example, is for energy and helps reduce fatigue. They also offer teas for sleep, vitamin C, cleansing and more. You can buy individual boxes, travel packs, or even subscriptions – check out the full range at Tea+’s online shop.

Cup of tea from Tea+ with pink teabags and box in background - vegan gift ideas

Indulgent vegan treat boxes by Social Stories Club

Everyone loves treat boxes! Vegan ones aren’t as hard to find as you’d think, with Social Stories Club going above and beyond with their boxes to really make a positive impact both to the consumer and humanitarian causes. They offer a variety of different selection boxes and hampers, featuring lovely treats such as chocolates, soft drinks, tea, biscuits, hot chocolate, and healthy snacks. Mine featured a lovely selection – the hot chocolate was my favourite! I also loved the orange dark chocolate, which was so decadent and moreish. Every box is sustainable, with each product chosen for how it impacts others. You’ll find Fairtrade, products to provide education to girls in developing countries, products that empower artists with disabilities, and so much more. Each box tells the story of the products and their impact with an included leaflet, which is a lovely touch. Explore their full range on the Social Stories Club website.

Use discount code PAGESPLACESPLATES for a special discount!

Festive advent calendars and hot chocolate baubles by Mummy Meagz

Remember my review of Mummy Meagz’s vegan Rocky Road bars I posted a while back? Here are some more wonderful products from Mummy Meagz, this time with a festive twist. If you’re vegan and worried about not having an advent calendar this year then here’s the solution! You can also purchase The Bursting Bauble, a chocolate Christmas tree bauble that makes a festive hot chocolate when added to warm milk. Simply drop it in and watch the marshmallows appear as the chocolate melts! They’re a great little stocking filler and perfect vegan gift ideas – check out the whole range at Holland & Barratt’s online shop.

Yummy cake boxes by Rachel’s Cake Boxes

So many people think vegans can’t eat cakes and biscuits, but they’re so wrong! Rachel’s Cake Delights caters specifically for those who are vegan and gluten-free, and her products are heaven! From brownies to cookies she makes every sweet treat you could ever want, and you’d never know that they’re free from animal products and gluten. Her shortbread is so buttery and sweet, and the brownies and truffles are so chocolatey and indulgent. I also loved the vanilla and raspberry cake jar… It took me a while to get through it as there was so much, but it was divine! All products are also soya-free with no allergens. To order a Christmas box or standard treat box, visit Rachel’s Cake Delights.

Purchase the Christmas box by Nov 30th 2020 to get £5 off!

Quintessentially British gin from Cricketer’s Gin

Alcohol can be a bit of a minefield for vegans. Thankfully, virtually all gin is free from animal products, making it the perfect vegan alcoholic gift. My personal choice is Cricketer’s Gin, a gorgeous British gin that just tastes of summer! It contains an exquisite blend of flavours that work well all year round – you can purchase a bottle from the Cricketer’s Gin website. Or, check out my full review of Cricketer’s Gin and see just why I love it so much.

Another of the vegan gift ideas - bottle of Cricketers Gin next to full gin glass and two lime halves

Healthy snack boxes from Nudie Snacks

Healthy does not have to be boring, and Nudie Snacks are proof of that! Their snack boxes are filled with the most exciting and flavoursome treats… And they’re all good for you! Find tasty snacks such as protein balls, flavoured coconut chips. roasted pulses, and healthy plant chips. I loved every product I tried – the roasted pulses were so flavoursome, and the protein balls were great for sustaining my energy on long walks and for fitness. My favourite was the toasted coconut chips, which tasted way too good to be healthy! You can buy all sorts of selections on their website depending on your needs, and you can save money by subscribing for a longer period of time. Check out their products on the Nudie Snacks online shop.

Flavoursome loose leaf tea blends from Miss TeaSmith

Remember my post earlier this year exploring tea, book, and nibbles pairings? This was for Miss TeaSmith, a wonderful small business selling the most delightful loose leaf tea blends. You can choose from ginger and lemongrass, orange, or mint chocolate… Or all three! These blends are my go-to drink when I need a bit of TLC and are great vegan gift ideas for plant-based tea drinkers. Check out Miss TeaSmith’s online shop for the full range.

Bath & Skincare

Relaxing lavender bath melts by BUMI (via Blomma Beauty)

Baths are one of the self-care activities that get me through the winter. There’s nothing quite like a relaxing and aromatic bathtub experience to forget the cold, miserable weather outside. If you know someone that loves baths as much as I do then these gorgeous bath melts from Bumi Naturals at Blomma Beauty would be the perfect gift. They smell of fragrant lavender and are fully organic and vegan, plus they come in a gorgeous little recyclable box! The melts make bathtime so relaxing, and you only need one per bath. They also sell loads of other great vegan gift ideas – check out the Blomma Beauty store.

Use discount code PLACES15 to get 15% off orders!

Natural face balm by Nature-Alley

Natur-Alley is a small skincare brand that set up during lockdown, and their products are perfect for those that love beauty and self-care. They make a range of different vegan and cruelty-free products that are all 100% natural, from face, foot, hand, and beard balms to body butters and soaps. They sell a range of different naturally scented candles, too. I absolutely love the herbal smell of my rosemary and palmarosa face balm, and it makes my skin feel so soft! Perfect for the cold weather and a great addition to any beauty lover’s skincare routine. You can find out more and buy their body care and spirit care products from the Natur-Alley website.

Use discount code MYTEMPLECARE20 to get 20% off your first order!

Vegan gift ideas - open tin of Natur-Alley's face balm on rose-printed black and white material

Plastic-free shampoo bar sets from Eco Den

Shampoo bars are becoming really popular and for a good reason – they’re so much more eco-friendly than bottled shampoo. They’re also so easy to use, and really convenient to travel with. Eco Den offers a great range of different shampoo bars… I tried the coconut one, which was subtle but smelt gorgeous and left my hair feeling lovely. You don’t need to use that much, but it really froths up! You can also get a great little wooden dish to go with them which helps them last longer. Check out Eco Den’s shop to see their full range, plus other sustainable products like bath bombs and body scrubs.

Use discount code XMAS5 to get 5% off at checkout!

Rejuvenating face serum by Flow Cosmetics (via Edit)

Edit have a great online store offering so many wonderful vegan skincare and beauty products. There’s too many to include in this post, but one I got to try out is this rejuvenating face serum by Finnish brand Flow Skincare, which uses hyaluronic acid and probiotics for moisture locking and collagen boosting results. I noticed a difference in my skin within a couple of days, which felt so velvety and soft. You can find other products by Flow Cosmetics and even more from other vegan and eco-friendly brands on the Edit website.

Another of the vegan gift ideas - face serum bottle and box from Flow Cosmetics

Self-Care & Wellbeing

Stunning decorative candles by The Sacred Space AP

Everyone knows a candle lover (or three), and The Sacred Space AP is the perfect Etsy shop for those people. Here you can find a whole range of stunningly beautiful handmade candles, each made with soy and decorated with flowers, crystal pieces, and biodegradable glitter. You can choose from silver or rose gold tins, and each one has two wicks for better burning. They’re almost too pretty to light! I tested Festive Dreams, a wonderful Christmas-themed candle, which was so fragrant and dreamy. Alyssa is a qualified aromatherapist so her candles are tailored and effective – there’s a headache candle, a relaxation candle, and even candles to aid with spiritual activities. As far as vegan gift ideas go, these candles are wonderful! See Alyssa’s full range of candles on The Sacred Space AP Etsy store.

Use discount code XMAS01 at checkout to get 10% off!

CBD gummy treats by Wxllnxss

CBD has really made a name for itself in the wellness community, with so many different products available. These gummy treats by Wxllnxss are a great example and make a fab gift for any friends that suffer from pain or anxiety. I tried the gummy bears and cola bottles, which were surprisingly tasty, but they also do fizzy stars. And for those that don’t have a sweet tooth, you can also buy CBD oils from them. Check out Wxllnxss’ online store to explore their full range. (Remember to always make sure your giftees have consulted a doctor and checked their medications before consuming CBD products).

Festive protein supplements by Pretty Pea Nutrition

Protein is super important for our bodies to function correctly, but many non-vegans will tell you how hard it is to get on a plant-based diet. Pretty Pea Nutrition prove them wrong! Their protein supplement shows just how easy it is to boost your protein without any animal products. It’s natural and healthy no-bloat formula is suitable for a whole range of diets and is the perfect dietary companion for anyone looking to up their protein intake for fitness, weight loss, or simply to become healthier. I’ve been enjoying mine in smoothies and pasta sauces – you can add it to pretty much everything! View their whole range of supplements on the Pretty Pea website.

Vegan gift ideas - image of Pretty Pea Protein tub and spoon of protein powder next to smoothie and Christmas decorations

Inspiring climate change club membership by Every One Of Us

Climate change is a growing issue – we simply can’t avoid it anymore. For eco-conscious vegan friends, I have the perfect gift… A membership to Every One Of Us, a club making a difference one week at a time. The aim of the club is simple – inspire members to make easy changes that will have a long-lasting impact. Membership includes: an easy weekly action in theyr inbox once a week, being part of a fund that gets behind inspiring climate solutions, and contributing their voice to an issue that counts at a click of a button. It’s a ridiculously easy way to join the fight but makes such an incredible difference. I’m so excited to become part of that! You can purchase subscriptions either monthly or annually – find out more at The Every One Club.

Clothing, Accessories, & Decor

Original art prints and designs by The Mushroom Babes

For friends and family who love quirky art and decor, The Mushroom Babes is great for vegan gift ideas this Christmas. Georgia creates prints and other products using her own hand-drawn designs which have a big focus on body positivity. I adore mine – the mushroom art yoga print is great for any yoga lover, and the “All My Favourite Cats” print is perfect for those of us who adore even the weirdest of animals. Products from The Mushroom Babes are as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. You won’t find anything else quite like them! You can purchase Georgia’s designs from The Mushroom Babes’ Etsy store.

Get 15% off all prints and posters by using discount code PAGES15 at checkout! Valid until 15/12/2020.

Feminist statement clothing pieces by The Feminist Shop

2020 has certainly proven itself to be a year of being bold. Clothing can be a great way to spread your message, and The Feminist Shop produce pieces that do exactly that. Made using completely vegan processes, their clothing products promote feminism and equal rights that really make a statement. You can find clothing for women, men, and kids, plus they also sell gifts and accessories. I absolutely love my racerback vest – it’s become my go-to choice for yoga, and I can’t wait to wear it out and about once the weather warms up. This particular design is quite subtle, but they also offer some really bold statement pieces for those that want to start conversations. Check out the rest of their range on The Feminist Shop.

Get 10% off all orders by using coupon code HANNAHREAD!

Inspired boho home & lifestyle collections by Made Of Stories

I love decorating my home with really interesting pieces – especially related to travel. If you know anyone else that also adores vibrant and cultural décor then Made Of Stories is the shop you need to check out. Each collection is inspired by trips abroad to different countries, and you can find gorgeous pieces designed with places like Marrakech, Petra, London, Paris, Jaipur, and Havana in mind. I chose to feature this stunning handmade macrame double plant hanger from the Feel Bali collection… And I love it! It’s so beautifully made and is such a wonderful piece to have in your home. I’m certain it will be appreciated by any visitors, too! The Feel Bali collection also features pieces such as rattan baskets, macrame coasters, boho cushion covers, and handmade wooden earrings. To see the full collection visit the Made Of Stories online store.

Travel-inspired bracelets by Life Less Ordinary

If you have a friend or family member that’s full of wanderlust then here’s a present that will be really meaningful for them. Life Less Ordinary have a gorgeous range of coordinate bracelets and other jewellery that can be personalised in a really unique way. Each bracelet can be engraved with travel coordinates! If you know someone who has a location that they absolutely love then this is a great reminder of their time there for them. If you don’t know the coordinates then you can use an online tool to discover them instead. Their bracelets are really original vegan gift ideas and are guaranteed to be adored by adventure lovers. Buy the bracelets and other jewellery at Life Less Ordinary’s online shop.

Use discount code WANDERLUST10 for 10% off!

Two bracelets from Life Less Ordinary (one blue and purple, the other brown and burgandy) placed on a Life Less Ordinary jewellery pouch for vegan gift ideas

Festive Add-Ons

Eco-friendly Christmas crackers by Sock Crackers

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without crackers, but we all know they’re not good for the environment. They’re usually non-recyclable, and contain gifts that no one ends up using. Sock Crackers have a solution to this though, with fully recyclable Christmas crackers that you can buy online. And, as the name suggests, they hide something useful inside… Socks! You can choose from fun, festive, or eco-friendly socks, for both adults and children. The socks are great quality, and so much better than receiving a rubbish pair of nail clippers! They’ve also teamed up with Leiho this year, and each charity cracker bought contributes a pair of warm socks to a homeless person. You can order and customise the crackers at Socks Crackers’ online shop.

Sock Crackers placed around vegan socks, party hats, jokes, and baubles to go alongside vegan gift ideas

Adorable animal Christmas cards by Buzzcutart

The other essential you’ll need for Christmas is cards. Fed up with your standard high street packs covered in glitter and plastic? Check out Buzzcutart instead, who creates adorable hand-drawn Christmas cards featuring cats, dogs, and other animals. There are cards for other occasions too, plus loads of other products! All processes used to make the cards are vegan, and you’ll be supporting a small business with every purchase. Explore the whole range of cards on the Buzzcutart Redbubble store.

Which of these vegan gift ideas have grabbed your attention? Make sure to like and pin if you found this guide useful! For even more gift ideas you can check out last year’s gift guide, which features perfect presents for bookworms, foodies, and travellers.

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