Vegan Rocky Road by Mummy Meagz | Indulgent Chocolate Bars That Taste Too Good To Be True

The majority of recipes and food products I review may mostly be healthy but I still love a good treat. People often assume that being vegan means that everything I eat is healthy and boring but that’s not the case! These gorgeous vegan rocky road bars from Mummy Meagz prove that point, so I was super excited to be gifted four fabulous flavours to review.

Bowl of vegan rocky road bars by Mummy Meagz

Mummy Meagz

“Our journey began in 2003 when our founder Meagan Boyle (Mummy Meagz), along with her daughter Willow, opened Blondes Coffee Shop in the village of Cottingham, East Yorkshire. As a lifelong vegetarian, Mummy Meagz made it her mission to serve delicious veggie food made with love, compassion and a sprinkle of awesomeness. In 2016, Blondes went 100% vegan, in keeping with Meagan and Willow’s new-found veganism and ethical lifestyles.

By this point, Mummy Meagz was already a hero within the local vegan community and was breaking all the stigmas attached to vegan food, especially with her Rocky Road bars which were selling like hot cakes (or chocolate bars!) at Blondes.

Meagan made the leap to take her Rocky Roads to the masses, and in January 2017 Mummy Meagz Vegan Kitchen was born. Since that date, Mummy Meagz has been supplying her impossibly indulgent Rocky Road bars into independent stores nationwide, followed in 2019 by the launch of the Chuckie Egg – a delicious vegan chocolate crème egg. All four flavours of Mummy Meagz Rocky Road bars and the Chuckie Eggs launched into Holland & Barrett stores nationwide and online in early 2020 – bringing delectable, and affordable vegan chocolate to the masses.”
(Taken from the Mummy Meagz website)

My Review

I’ve got to admit that I didn’t think rocky road could be vegan, but I’m glad that it can be! Mummy Meagz’s vegan rocky road bars come in four different flavours and each is delightfully delectable. They’re the perfect treat for those that need something indulgent to look forward to!

Packaging of Mummy Meagz rocky road bars

The four flavours you can purchase are original, orange, mint, and sea salt and honeycomb. Each bar contains marshmallow and biscuit pieces alongside the signature flavours, and the seal salt and honeycomb bars also have honeycomb pieces added to it. The chocolate part is made with dark chocolate and has a gorgeously intense taste. They are so flavoursome and naughty-tasting that I honestly couldn’t believe that they were vegan! They’re easily the most heavenly treats I’ve had so far since starting my vegan journey.

I enjoyed all the flavours, but I think my favourite ones were the orange and the mint. The orange bars reminded me of Terry’s chocolate oranges and I loved how strong the mint ones were. Mint isn’t a flavour I’d ever considered adding to rocky road but it really works well.

Plate of vegan rocky road bars

I also enjoyed the sea salt and honeycomb bars, which grew on me over time. It had a real Crunchie flavour from the honeycomb which I enjoyed, and this paired excellently with the sea salt. The original bars were really nice as well, however I’d say these were my least favourite because they didn’t have the additional flavours like the others (I still loved them though!).

The bars are a good size for one snack portion. Not overwhelming so they become sickly, but large enough that they warrant a cup of coffee and some quality time to oneself whilst you eat them. They went perfectly with a coffee, and I loved eating them alongside reading a book or journaling. I’d really look forward to having one at night and it became quite a special time for me. I’d really savour them and let myself relax! In this way they differ from just a chocolate bar as they’re such a high quality product.

Rocky road bar with coffee on garden table

Final Thoughts

These rocky road bars from Mummy Meagz were exactly what I needed during the lockdown. They’re a delicious, moreish treat that got me really excited about eating them. Every vegan needs these in their life (and non-vegans too,actually), and I know for a fact I’ll be buying loads more so I have something to look forward to in the evening again!

Purchase Links

Want your own box of vegan rocky road bars? You can purchase them either via the stores listed on the Mummy Meagz website or in Holland & Barrett stores. You can also get them delivered directly by clicking on the below Amazon links:

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13 thoughts on “Vegan Rocky Road by Mummy Meagz | Indulgent Chocolate Bars That Taste Too Good To Be True

  1. I assume these are Vegan marshmallows too?! 😍 I adore rocky road – it’s one of my faves. I love the sound of the different flavours too, I’ve only ever really tried to your bog standard rocky road before xxx

  2. I thought they looked delish on your Instagram post, but I didn’t realise there were multiple flavours. I’m a huge fan of sea salt chocolate, so I think I’m going to have to give it a try!

  3. Chocolate is my weakness right now. I am usually so good at eating healthy but since my wedding has been postponed I’m allowing myself the odd treat!

  4. These look absolutely incredible! I would never have thought you could get vegan Rocky Road but these look fantastic. I think the sea salt and honeycomb sounds amazing, but the mint would probably be my favourite. I’d love to try these!

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