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Sustainable living is becoming more popular now which is such a positive thing. It’s broken into the foodie industry, with some great options available to make cooking and dining as eco-friendly as you can in an industry filled with plastic and other harmful materials. Vie Gourmet by Global 1st is leading the way with so many great, environmentally-friendly products available.

Global 1st

Our Vie Range lies in our three brands that have evolved through research of bringing a splendid selection of practical products that can be used every day.
Vie-Healthcare: This was our first venture which we started with just anti mosquito products. When this was successful, we wanted to progress into the growing market of people that were marginally deficient of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. This led to the launch of our innovative patches that lets the body absorb the Vitamins transdermally. We have since continued to add to our range of therapeutic products.
Vie-Gourmet: Research led us to the global buzzing topics of Sustainable, Recyclable and Eco-Friendly. Vie-Gourmet brought to the market, carefully sourced products that are ethically sourced, affordable and  incredibly stylish. The Vie Gourmet range consist of products suitable for your kitchen.
Vie-Naturals: The Vie-Journey carried on when we saw beautiful products that were so useful in our daily lives. These were better choices for our well being eliminating the plastic and waste as much as we can. Vie -Naturals bring a range of ethically sourced and sustainable accessories that are incredibly feasible at affordable prices.
The Vie Range strives to bring you unique products that make your day.
(Taken from Global 1st’s website)

My Review

I was so excited to receive these gorgeous coconut bowls from Vie Gourmet – I had high hopes and they didn’t disappoint! The bowls are stunning to look at, making them great as a piece during a special occasion or home foodie event, and of course they also make an impressive prop for those necessary social media food shots.

The bowls themselves are sturdy and easy to hold, with a sufficient depth and width to fit a fair bit of food in. I’ve used them for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and also to hold snacks in! I adore using them for soup, and they’re also great for warm dishes such as pasta or rice, or colder meals like salads.

It’s important to note that the bowls are not suitable for microwave usage, due to coconuts being delicate when in the vicinity of extreme temperatures, however they are more than suitable for holding hot food. They’re also quite well insulated, making it easy to carry said hot food around without the risk of burning your hands.

The outside of the bowls are glossy and polished, with the inside more reminiscent of the natural coconut. No loose fibres or damaged bits though, and surprisingly durable! I’ve used them multiple times and they’re as perfect as when I first got them – I wash them up in the sink with a little bit of washing up liquid and they’re good to go once they’ve dried. Bowl sizes vary slightly in size (which just adds to their authenticity, really), but they all meet the size stated on the order description before you purchase.

Another thing I loved about the product was the packaging – Global 1st have gone all out with sustainability, packing them using no plastic whatsoever and some wonderful eco-friendly stuffing to ensure the bowls don’t get damaged in transit. With so much packaging using unnecessary materials and sizes (I’m looking at you, Amazon!) it’s refreshing to receive a package that’s completely safe for the environment.


Final Thoughts

My Vie Gourmet coconut bowls are now my favourite piece of kitchenware – they’re always my first choice when deciding what to serve my food in! I love how photogenic they are (always good when you’re a food blogger) and they make what would have been an ordinary meal feel special and unique. Perfect for foodies that want to be more sustainable, these coconut bowls are a must-have in your kitchen.

Purchase Links

If you’d like to purchase your own set of coconut bowls, and check out the other amazing products in the Vie Gourmet range, then you can do so using this link.

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    1. It hasn’t been much of a problem for us to be honest as I only use the microwave to reheat defrosted things – I stord them in microwave-safe containers anyway so no extra washing up 😊

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