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Recently I was invited to an evening Summer Soirée event with Cotswold Co, a UK furniture brand known for their high-quality collections reminiscent of the British countryside. The event promised an evening of summer fun, with not only a new range of furniture to discover but also appearances from Tiptree Tea Room and London Grace.

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Cotswold Co

A scattering of pretty towns and villages in south-central England, famous for their outstanding natural beauty and quaint rural charm, The Cotswolds – a region once loved by our guru, William Morris – has become the cornerstone of everything we do and everything we make here at The Cotswold Company.
From our handcrafted real wood furniture to our country-inspired home accessories, we continue to be inspired by this quintessentially English region. From the rustic interiors that can be found in the local homes, shops and pubs, to the laidback lifestyle of the people who live there – more than 20 years after we first began.
(Taken from Cotswold Co’s website)

The Collections

The first thing I noticed when I entered Cotswold Co’s Chelmsford store is how seamlessly coordinated the collections are – solid greys pair with muted yellows, blues, teals, and pinks to create standout pieces that blend together effortlessly. The store is divided up into signature collections, from the dark and striking Florence Grey (which I was instantly drawn to) to the natural wood-focused Oakland. Each collection spans across multiple rooms, meaning you can redecorate your entire house under one theme if you so desire, or mix and match between them.

Cotswold Co Chelmsford UK Country Furniture Event - one of the bedroom collections

Cotswold Co have mostly focused on wooden furniture in the past with a few pieces of upholstery here and there. The evening revealed their new summer upholstery collection, featuring stunning pieces in a range of different fabrics. They were so soft, and really comfy to sit on! I particularly fell in love with some of the single chairs on display, which would make a great feature piece combined with the other furniture. If you are unsure about whether their furniture will go in your house then helpfully there are jars of wood samples placed within each collection that you can take home for free, plus a space containing fabric samples (again, these are all free). It takes the guesswork out of home decor, and means that the piece that you end up purchasing is guaranteed to work within your home.

“Fast furniture” is a real concern right now, with so many pieces made out of fake wood and not built to last. What I loved about Cotswold Co’s furniture is that it’s the exact opposite – real wood, high-quality paints and fabrics, and designed to be timeless rather than something you buy in MDF pieces and end up throwing away a year after it’s been put together. As someone who is trying my best to make sustainable choices when it comes to my home, I felt positive knowing that I can invest in a piece of Cotswold Co furniture without worrying how long the shelf life is, or what dubious materials might have been used during its production.

Although above my current price range, I felt that the costs were fairly reasonable given the quality of the collections – prices you’d expect for something you save up for and then cherish forever. This makes purchasing from Cotswold Co a sensible investment, plus they have interest free credit and finance options available should you need them. Considering this, along with their free delivery offer, makes their furniture work out as really quite affordable.


The Extras

As well as the gorgeous furniture on display I also got to experience some tasters from Tiptree Tea Rooms and London Grace, both of whom have stores on Bond Street in Chelmsford (just around the corner from Cotswold Co).

London Grace were offering free manicures and hand massages on the night – I’d already had a manicure done from a previous event so I opted for a hand massage, which was so relaxing and something I’d never experienced before. The woman who gave me my hand massage told me about all of the services that London Grace offer, from simple nail polishes to full-blown manicures. They host parties and events which sound amazing – one in particular that I liked the sound of was a kid’s party, where each child can get their nails done, take part in games, and eat pizza. As well as this they offer hen dos, baby showers, and more, or if you just want a standard manicure then you can drop in and get your nails done whilst enjoying a coffee or cocktails in their beautiful store. It’s also important to note that their nail products are cruelty-free, which is something I look for within beauty services.

Cotswold Co Chelmsford UK Country Furniture Event - getting my hand massage from London Grace
Getting my hand massage from London Grace!

Tiptree Tea Rooms offered a selection of cocktails at the start of the event – I went for a raspberry gin liqeur with rose lemonade and it was gorgeous! Tiptree jam is something I’ve always taken for granted a bit, living so close to their jam factory, however I was amazed on a previous holiday to see their products as far as the tiny, secluded island of Fuerteventura! I’ve never tasted jam as high-quality as their products so I can’t recommend them enough, whether you’re looking for high-quality gifts for family and friends, or simply a jam of something yummy to spread on toast.

Cotswold Co Chelmsford UK Country Furniture Event - Tiptree Tea Rooms cocktails
Tiptree Tea Rooms making cocktails for the evening

I also received a lovely goodie bag from the Cotswold Co Summer Soirée event which featured a Cotswold Co bag, a jar of Pina Colada jam from Tiptree Tea Rooms, a potted cactus, a pineapple print notebook, and the cute glass jar that I had my cocktail served in, made by Lisa Angel. It was a lovely idea to end the evening, and such a well thought-out selection of gifts.

Cotswold Co Chelmsford UK Country Furniture Event - free gifts from goodie bag

Final Thoughts

As I usually shop secondhand for furniture I don’t often consider buying new, however I was convinced by Cotswold Co’s wonderful range due to their quality materials and timeless appeal. I don’t think I actually came across a collection I didn’t like – each one is carefully considered to showcase its qualities and provide quintessentially British design. There’s nothing quite like the rustic countryside charm of the UK, and Cotswold Co can easily bring that to your home with their effortless summer range.

Purchase Links

If you’d like to purchase any furniture from Cotswold Co then you can do so by visiting the Cotswold Co website.

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24 thoughts on “Cotswold Co, Chelmsford | UK Furniture Company With Stunning Country Collections

  1. I love that they use real wood for their furniture! As much as I love IKEA, them not having real wood makes me not buy bigger furniture from them. Those armchairs are beautiful!

  2. I got a leaflet from them this week through my door! Such gorgeous furniture and I immediately love anything that has the word “Cotswold” in the name as it in my dream county in the UK to live.
    Hope you had a lovely time.

      1. It is my favourite place. I want to move to Chipping Norton. Beyond beautiful and I just adore Cotswold stone buildings.

  3. Those bedside chests of drawers make me swoon! I adore real wood furniture and having to give away a couple of my pieces when I moved back in with my parents made me literally cry.
    I used to love giving it the beeswax treatment every so often and it always smelt delightful!

  4. My husband’s been going on about getting rid of one of our sofas and replacing it with an armchair, and I looove the look of the grey and pink ones you’ve shown! All the pieces look such high quality and the designs are beautiful. This event sounds so much fun, I’m glad you had a good time!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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