AD: Fanattik Film & Gaming Collectibles|Impressive Range Of Limited Edition Merch For The Entertainment Geeks

I’m a complete geek when it comes to entertainment so was really excited to feature Fanattik on my blog. Fanattik specialise in film and gaming collectibles, some limited edition. They also feature some gorgeous food and drink products alongside these which I know my foodie followers will love! Fanattik kindly gifted a selection of their products for me to review so I could showcase them to you all. There’s something for almost everyone!

My whole selection of film and gaming collectibles from Fanattik


“Once upon a time, in 2009, a Mancunian geek was Off The Leash and a Pretty Woman from London was On The Prowl. He loved superheroes, sci-fi and retro games whilst she loved shopping and cocktails with friends. Strangely, they were also fanatical about each other. They bought a house and, even though she made him sell his Street Fighter and pinball arcade machines like an Evil Resident, they were determined to appreciate and respect each other’s individual tastes and not become home décor Lemmings. One night, after a few cocktails, inspiration struck and Mr Geek decided to help others trying to balance their Dr Whos and Jimmy Choos. Mrs Chic thought he was being a bit of a fanatic about the whole thing but she went along for the ride!

Back To The Future, past The Seven Year Itch and we now share our home with some kids, some cats and some cool artefacts! But one thing has never changed, we’re still crazy about collectibles.”

(From the Fanattik website)

My Review

For my selection I tried to go as varied as possible to show the range of products on offer. Below is everything that I ordered and my thoughts on each. (Wall pieces aren’t framed as our frames we’d ordered from a different retailer hadn’t arrived yet!).

Food & Drink Prints

Food is one of my niches so I had to get something from Fanattik to brighten up my kitchen. On their website they offer some gorgeous chalkboard prints which caught my eye. There is a choice of cocktail recipes, food recipes, and foodie mantras. I went with this delectable raspberry chocolate mousse recipe print.

It’s great as, not only is it decor, but it’s also a functional recipe! I chose this one because it’s something I definitely want to make in the near future. The design is gorgeous and it looks like a real chalkboard piece. I really like the style of the lettering and drawings, reminding me of something you might see in an artisan patisserie in London.

Wall Art

We also went for a few pieces of wall art to liven up our homes. The first one we chose was a Resident Evil 2 print, a game that my partner loves. Our house is actually getting quite full of wall art so we chose a perhaps less standard location to display it (above the shoe rack), however it looks great there and it means we get to see it whenever we journey into the kitchen (which is a lot). The print is really good quality and utilises a graphic style than gamers will love. It’s got the right level of gore for a wall piece, too. Once we have a house with a gaming room it will take prime position there.

I chose a couple of pieces for my stepdaughter who sadly wasn’t able to see them in time due to the Coronavirus outbreak (she doesn’t live with us), but I know she will love. The first is this cute artwork of Paddington Bear, reading “I’m a very rare sort of bear”. It’s made up of layered pieces of real wood and it’s such a lovely style for a children’s piece.

Paddington Bear framed artwork from Fanattik film and gaming collectibles

The second piece she got was a Jurassic Park wall decal set as she loves the film and is pretty into dinosaurs. The set contains 22 decals and you can also buy other sets including Back To The Future and Alien. I felt that the website was a bit misleading with this product as I expected them to be a lot bigger than they were, however they are still a really great set of decals.

The end result looks fantastic, and I’m pretty certain that my stepdaughter will love them. The decals, although slightly difficult to remove from the paper, are easy to place on the wall and I didn’t have any issues with bubbles. If you put them in the wrong spot then they’re really easy to remove and completely retain their adhesiveness.

Film & Gaming Collectibles

I just had to get some film and gaming collectibles from Fanattik as this is what they specialise in. I love collectible jewellery so went for this great necklace from Alien which features a facehugger. It really complements my facehugger plushie from Loot Crate! It’s limited edition and actually looks great – a nice size, with a really durable chain. It also doesn’t hang too low which I appreciate, as I find a lot of necklaces rest too low on my chest and don’t sit in place well.

The Alien facehugger necklace, one of Fanattik's many film and gaming collectibles

I also chose a pack of Skyrim-themed cards so I can bring the Dovakhin to my solitaire games. Only the Jack, Queen, and King cards are themed, but they look great and are perfect in size and durability. The back of each card features the Skyrim logo, as does the pack. My favourite aspect is the Joker card, which displays a Skyrim guard and the infamous “arrow to the knee” quote.

Along with these you’ll find many other film and gaming collectibles, from films such as Jaws, The Godfather, and Star Wars to games like Fallout, Street Fighter, and Cuphead. As well as wearables and posters they also sell coaster sets and bottle openers which make great gifts, plus collectible coins for each game and film.

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty impressed with the selection of products I received from Fanattik, with my only real gripe being that the wall art stickers are way smaller than how they appear on the website. We’d set aside an entire wall for them so ended up having to change our decor plans because of this.

What I liked most is the product range, with many limited edition and all the ones I tested high-quality. It’s a great site for gifts, especially if you have any film buffs or gamers in your family or friend group who would appreciate film and gaming collectibles. Plus, they also cater for foodies, kids, and cartoon art fans. I’m sure I’ll be ordering a few more things from Fanattik this year!

Purchase Links

If you’d like to purchase these products and more then you can do so via Fanattik’s website.

Which of these film and gaming collectibles or other products would you go for if you bought something from Fanattik? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and pin! You can read some of my other product reviews here:

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  1. Oh my gosh like you, I’m a bit geek when it comes to things like movies and games so I’ll definitely be checking out this website – Particularly for my boyfriends birthday in June! Love your picks – the Resident Evil poster is great!

  2. This site seems like it really does have something for everyone! I’m not that ‘geeky’ so a lot of this isn’t for me, but I have a few friends who would LOVE it. I also really love the chalkboard print, it’s so cute and looks lovely on your wall!

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