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There are a lot of generic home decor and designs out there (I’ve seen enough ‘Live Laugh Love’ prints to last me a lifetime) but there also some really amazing, quirkier products too, and those are the ones that really catch my eye. When I laid eyes on The Princess And The Pickle’s website, with their vibrant and somewhat unusual designs, I just knew they had to feature in my home.

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Title image for The Princess And The Pickle, featuring three A3 orignal art prints for home decor

The Princess And The Pickle

Based in Hampshire, The Princess and The Pickle create eco-friendly greeting cards, prints and clothing, featuring original photography and designs. The greeting cards and prints are printed on recycled card and packaged in biodegradable and compostable plastic-free display sleeves. The Princess and The Pickle’s t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags are all made from certified organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy-powered factory. Due to the natural materials, the products can even be returned and recycled when they’re worn out, making the production cycle itself renewable. This is known as circular fashion, which, along with charity shopping and upcycling, is a way we can help to reduce the amount of clothing which ends up in landfill.
(Taken from Theo Paphitis SBS)

My Review

I knew I was going to love these the moment they arrived. As part of my review I was able to choose three different A3 prints that I liked the look of, which was a harder task than you’d think! There are so many gorgeous designs and it took a while to narrow it down, but I eventually went for the adorable pink deer, the blue gull (I live in a seaside town so thought this one was particularly relevant), and the blue stag beetle from my love of bugs. Funnily enough, I’d actually said a month or so back that I’d love some vibrant bug prints for the house so I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw that one!

The Princess And The Pickle don’t just sell original prints, but also clothing, bags, and cards. A complementary card had been added to my selection too, featuring lots of different bugs against a yellow background. It’s a beautiful card of excellent quality, and I’m thinking of framing that too.

Bug print original artwork card from The Princess And The Pickle
The gorgeous bug-themed card that I received – this design can also be purchased as an A3 print

The Princess And The Pickle’s prints don’t come with frames, giving you the freedom to choose whichever frames you would like from another retailer. I always get nervous buying frames as I’m never convinced that they will be the correct size, however these white A3 poster frames from Frame Company are good quality and the perfect size for the prints. There’s nothing complicated about setting the prints up, and I used these 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips to secure the frames to the wall.

Stag beetle original art home decor print from The Princess And The Pickle
My updated office space (flower prints from Flying Tiger Copenhagen)

I’ve got to say – I’m so happy with how they came out. The prints are of excellent quality and I adore how vibrant they are. They’ve highlighted that I need more wall art in my house though! Once up I noticed an immediate difference to each room – the gull in the living room, the deer in the dining room, and the stag beetle in my office/studio, and they’ve really livened up the place. The original artwork is gorgeous, with a unique colour palette on each animal that works really well with the block colour background. You’ll notice on the website that each design has either a pink, yellow, or blue background, meaning that it’s easy to buy a selection of prints and ensure that they all work together. It’s hard to choose my favourite but I think I’m veering towards the gull – I’d never thought to frame a picture of a gull in my house before but now it’s there I can’t quite imagine the living room without it.

One other thing to note – The Princess And The Pickle are very focused on eco-friendly and sustainable living, and this is another thing I love about their products. I was impressed with the biodegradable packaging (and it made me wonder why more companies aren’t doing this) and the fact that each print uses recyclable card gives me peace of mind. The best bit about it though is the price – I’m sure many people will agree that eco-friendly options are usually much more expensive, but at £2 a greeting card and £5 a print these come out as very affordable indeed. My sort of prices!


Final Thoughts

There isn’t actually anything I don’t like about these beautiful home decor art prints from The Princess And The Pickle – they’ve cheered up my home and with their stand-out designs they certainly won’t be ignored. Wall decor can sometimes be the difference between a house and a home, and I know I’ll be purchasing more prints from The Princess And The Pickle in the future to liven up the rest of the rooms. Their clothing range is also worth a look and I’ve fallen in love with lots of the designs already, so don’t forget to browse there too!

If you’re currently looking for ways to transform your home, stationery, and wardrobe in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way then I couldn’t recommend The Princess And The Pickle more – it’s hard not to fall in love with the original artwork, and you’re doing your bit for the environment at the same time.

Purchase Links

If you’d like to purchase prints, postcards, clothing, and more from Princess And The Pickle then you can do so via The Princess and The Pickle website.

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  1. These sound like a great company! I love that they’re focused on making their products ethical. I’m also a bit sick of “Love, Laugh, Live” quote prints! I always want something a bit more different! x

      1. I am in such a shopping mood at the moment and attracted to colours too. I think it must be from us having a few sunny days. Haha. Don’t forget to share what you get! x

  2. I love these so much! The designs are adorable and I love that they are so eco-friendly too. Plus the price is SO good. I’ll definitely be having a look at the website myself!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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