Regatta Great Outdoors Ladie’s Borderline Mid Hiking Boots | Waterproof Trekking Shoes You’ll Be Walking For Miles In

A good pair of hiking boots can make or break an outdoor trip. I’ve certainly made the mistake of wearing uncomfortable footwear before and they’re just not worth the blisters – especially when there are such good quality trekking boots available from a wide range of stores. Last year I trekked Mt. Kenya and I knew I’d need top-quality footwear for such a big task – here are the Regatta boots that I went with.

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Product Features

Like many hiking boots available on the market, the Regatta Borderline Mid Hiking Boots offer a variety of different features to ensure maximum comfort when out and about in the great outdoors. These particular boots are suitable for autumn and winter treks so are waterproof with a breathable Isotex bootee liner, meaning that your feet stay warm and dry even in heavy rain. They are also water resistant with a mud guard and sturdy grip which is great for slippery environments.

Regatta Great Outdoors Hiking Boots - Best Trekking Shoes

The boots have many protective features such as a leather toe guard and a heel counter, plus they are abrasion resistant so don’t damage easily. The boots themselves are leather, and despite all of these features they are also designed to be fairly lightweight which makes them easy to walk in.

On The Go

When I started wearing my Regatta Great Outdoors hiking boots I was concerned that they would take a while to break in, however I never even got the initial blisters and foot pain you sometimes expect when wearing new shoes for the first time (something I know all too much about from having really thin and awkward feet). They were immediately comfy and I could walk long distances in them from the very beginning. I first tested them out with 6-8 mile walks within Essex where they worked great, and then I branched out to doing a slightly increased distance over a much steeper landscape when we visited Seven Sisters Country Park in Sussex for a practice trek. Again, they were super comfortable and I suffered no foot issues whatsoever despite it being blazing hot and a pretty arduous trek. These boots may be autumn and winter boots but I actually find them great to walk around in during summer as well – yes, your feet get hot, but not unbearable and it’s worth it for such protected feet.

Regatta Great Outdoors Hiking Boots - Best Trekking Shoes

The Mt. Kenya trek that I did in these boots spanned over five days and during that time I only took them off to sleep. I was able to trek over rocky paths, uneven grasslands, and tricky scree with relatively little issue. Given that my balance is so horrendous, I put my ability to not die whilst trekking the final part of Mt. Kenya (in the dark) down to these boots as I genuinely think the grip was the only thing preventing me from falling to some untimely and completely unavoidable death (you think I’m exaggerating, but if you’ve seen my balance you’ll totally understand).

Regatta Great Outdoors Hiking Boots - Best Trekking Shoes

After the trek I was absolutely amazed when I took my books off for the final time – no blisters or sores at all! I’m completely blister-prone with all other shoes so I honestly couldn’t believe this. The boots were so comfy that I wore them on all manual tasks and outdoor activities (such as our safari experience) for the rest of the holiday and they’re also my “bulky shoe of choice” when I’m flying – even on a long flight they’re still cosy and lovely to wear!


Final Thoughts

There’s a solid reason I chose to review these boots on my site, and that’s because they are hands down the best item of footwear I’ve ever owned. They acquired minimal damage on my Kenya trip so I can still wear them on trekking trips, and whilst other people’s shoes were falling apart or giving them blisters my wonderful boots made my feet feel lighter than air. They’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes for what I consider to be a really affordable price given what they’re capable of – if you’re looking for a pair of boots for hiking then I strongly recommend the Regatta Great Outdoors Borderline Mid Hiking boots.

Purchase Links

If you’d like to purchase these then you can do so using the following link:

Regatta Great Outdoors Borderline Mid Hiking Boots – Amazon UK

You’ll also want some high-quality, thermal trekking socks to go with them – you can buy the socks I feature in my pictures here:

Mountain Warehouse Merino Explorer Socks – Amazon UK

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***All photos taken by Paul Raven from Raven Photography***

20 thoughts on “Regatta Great Outdoors Ladie’s Borderline Mid Hiking Boots | Waterproof Trekking Shoes You’ll Be Walking For Miles In

  1. Oh this is so well-timed! I’m looking for new hiking boots as I really want to get into hillwalking again this summer/autumn, and I’ve destroyed the backs of mine haha. These look really great and the price is so reasonable too! Thanks so much for the recommendation 🙂
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  2. These look so comfortable but they also look really nice too! A good pair of boots are so important when walking. Your right about there being nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes on a hike or walk.
    Great investment! Bet they would last for ages too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love these! I don’t have anywhere to hike near me but these look perfect for anybody who enjoys the outdoors. They also look like they last a while! Thank you for sharing.


    1. Snowdon is next on my list! There are some absolutely stunning areas in Wales – check out my post on Three Cliffs Bay if you want a gorgeous secluded beach with a car-free walk to get there 😊

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