Maxorata Beach Apartments, Corralejo | Budget-Friendly Accommodation In Fuerteventura That Doesn’t Compromise On Quality

There are hundreds of places to choose from when it comes to accommodation in Corralejo, however Maxorata Beach Apartments made such an impression on us that we decided to visit for a second time this year. Although very budget-friendly, the experience doesn’t feel of lesser quality in any way, making it a perfect choice for cost-conscious travellers.

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The Location

Maxorata Beach Apartments Corralejo Fuerteventura
Maxorata Beach Apartments – it seems tiny, but looks can be deceiving!

Maxorata Beach Apartments in Corralejo are a great option for first-time travellers to the island – they’re very central to the town, just off the main strip on Calle Gran Canaria. Unlike lots of other apartment complexes they have two entrances and exits which is so useful. The main one is further north of the strip, however the exit you can use once you have your key is on Calle Marcelino Camacha Abad, making it that little bit closer to town. This is great if walking is a bit more difficult for you, or you prefer to get back to your apartment quicker (also very useful when you’ve been fed slightly too much honey rum by the local restaurants!).

It’s also useful to note that Maxorata is one of the main coach/bus stops for excursions from Excursion Centre such as the Fuerteventura Grand Tour and the Jandia Express, which makes it really easy when heading out on one of these trips for the day.

The Apartments

Although fairly basic, the apartments in the complex are lovely and offer you more than enough to feel comfortable and safe. For our most recent visit we stayed in a one bedroom ground floor apartment, however the time before was in a first floor apartment. Although I’d say the first floor apartment got slightly more sun due to the roof balcony, I’d say I preferred the ground floor apartment more as it was more spacious and we still got plenty of sun (with the added bonus of more shade, which is actually quite useful in the Canarian summer months).

Within our apartment we had one bedroom with twin beds (featuring a good amount of space for clothes storage and a safe for valuables), an open plan living space and kitchen with a TV, dining table, coffee table, and sofa, a fairly large bathrooms with a combined shower and path plus a bidet alongside the toilet and sink area, and an outdoor patio space which came with a table and chairs, plus a drying rack for clothes and swimwear. It was very easy to have our own breakfast and lunch in the apartment when we wanted and it was easy to use the hob to make a simple dinner, too – we achieved burgers one night and a simple pasta with sauce on another night with no problems. We had to put a deposit down to get a kettle from reception however this was fine and it was returned no problem. The apartment didn’t feel like just a base to us – it was easy to feel at home there with nice decor and lots of privacy. There were also lots of friendly cats roaming around which we loved!


The Extras

Maxorata Beach Apartments Corralejo Fuerteventura - pool space
The pool area viewed from the bar

As well as the lovely apartments, the complex also offers a bar and a pool area with sun loungers. I’ll admit that I’m not one for staying in the complex unless absolutely necessary, however I found myself at the pool way more than usual at Maxorata Beach Apartments! The pool was rarely super busy making it easy to swim, and grabbing a sun lounger was never too difficult. Like many pools in Corralejo the one at Maxorata is saline-based, making it very enjoyable to swim in and really good for a cooldown after a crazy day in the sun. We discovered that mid to late afternoon was the best time to swim – after that the sun would set behind the apartments and it became chilly quite quickly.

Maxorata Beach Apartments Corralejo Fuerteventura  - the grounds
The lovely, vibrant design of the grounds

We also loved the bar, finding ourselves there every afternoon for a quick pint of Tropical and sometimes some cheesy chips. By just staying in the complex you get a free Sangria which was a really nice touch plus it was nicely made – we definitely ended up having more than just the one! The customer service was excellent and we chatted a lot to the staff during our time there. One woman in particular was super friendly and hospitable and she even taught us some Spanish, as well as giving us a better understanding of why Canarian pronunciation and culture is different to that of mainland Spain. All of the staff were very personable and we really felt like we were being taken care of.

Although we didn’t do this in the end, it’s very easy to hire bikes from the apartment complex, which you can do at reception. They also have a good selection of books to borrow, and beautiful decor throughout the grounds that is vibrant and positive. One of my favourite things about it was the amount of gardenia plants, which gave the complex such a gorgeous aroma.

Final Thoughts

I would 100% stay in Maxorata again given the chance – it’s a lovely complex and I can’t fault anything from our experiences there. Given the excellent prices when staying there it should really be at the top of your list – if you ever visit Corralejo in Fuerteventura then Maxorata Beach Apartments is the place to stay.

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  1. Fantastic review! That apartment looks lovely. I definitely prefer staying somewhere with its own kitchen – holidays can be super pricey so being able to make your own dinners sometimes is really helpful for cutting costs. Plus that pool looks so tempting haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. The only one I watched was the Canarian news channel as I was trying to improve my Spanish however there were definitely English speaking channels on there – I just can’t remember which ones! I’ve always found that there is an English-speaking news channel though, and there were definitely others as well. Might be worth asking on Trip Advisor!

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