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Fuerteventura is a hot tourist destination with loads of great accommodation options, whatever you are looking for. I recently stayed at Oasis Dunas in Corralejo for the first time – here’s what I thought!

If you’ve ever been holiday hunting online in Corralejo/Fuerteventura then you’ll most likely have heard of Oasis Dunas already – it’s one of the bigger resorts in the town, and is well known for its affordable prices and vast selection of amenities. It’s very central to Corralejo, located in between the main strip and the water park, which makes it easy to access and great if you want to get out and explore. It’s also right next to the bus stop for Oasis Park so easy to fit a zoo trip in during your holiday!

The complex from the outside – I loved the succulent/cactus theme (photo from Hotelopia)

Like many others we were initially attracted to Oasis Dunas because of the cost, which really was a good price. Fuerteventura is typically very cheap to get to and holiday in, but accommodation such as Oasis Dunas make it even more affordable. The place offers apartments (either ground floor or first floor) which are basic but do the job, and surrounding these apartments are a variety of different activities to keep you entertained, from several pools (including a saltwater pool – lush!) and a couple of bars to a variety of nightly entertainment.

We were allocated a ground floor apartment near the back of the complex, which was nice as it was so quiet. As we didn’t have the balcony option we had a terrace area instead, where we spent many a morning and evening lounging in front of the sun. We opted for a two bed, one bath apartment as we were visiting with the in-laws, and found it to be spacious enough for all four of us. We generally get out and about as much as possible on holiday so don’t spend too much time at our lodging, but there’s plenty of different spaces to relax should you need some peace and quiet.

The main feature of the complex is the wealth of swimming access, with three large pools that everyone can use. The one we used the most had quite a gradual slope which was nice, ranging from shallow to deep enough that you can’t touch the floor and can swim quite easily. One of the pools contains several big slides which is great for kids, and there’s also a climbing frame a little way away from the pool which adds more fun for children.

The best pool I’ve come across by far for children (photo from Tui)

I enjoyed both of the bars that we visited, my favourite being the one by the pool. There wasn’t quite as much personality as I’ve found in other apartment complexes (we usually get to know the bartenders quite well) but I put this down to it being a much larger resort. We decided to go fully self-catering but there are dining options for those that want less fuss when it comes to dinner, and the place was always packed which must be good! I wasn’t a fan of the nightly entertainment, which ranged from karaoke to on-stage competitions, but then this isn’t really my thing so I’m probably not the best person to comment on it.It was very geared towards children so it was nice at least to see so many kids having fun well into the evening. If you want easy sleep I’d recommend asking for an apartment near the back – we couldn’t really hear it from where we were but I imagine the music would get annoying for those nearer the front!

The poolside bar where we spent perhaps too much time! (photo from TripAdvisor)

Generally the place was amicable and we had a good stay there, despite it being different to our usual selection. Housekeeping was done regularly and we never had any issues, and staff were friendly and happy to help. While I wouldn’t recommend it so much for those that want a quiet, adult holiday, Oasis Dunas is the perfect place to take kids and gives you that much needed entertainment for them after a busy day exploring the island.

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  1. I loved it there! Will go back one day with my little girl and I think its a great family holiday destination.
    Great amount of information, thank you for sharing with us.

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