Hamburguesa Que Te Cagas | The Biggest Burgers In Fuerteventura

Corralejo in Fuerteventura is filled to the brim with restaurants – sometimes so much choice it can be hard to know where to eat! There’s loads of typical Spanish cuisine yet after a while it’s nice to try something with a different grab to it. Hamburguesa Que Te Cagas is one of those places – a refreshing novelty that brings you great burgers in enormous portions.

I first visited Hamburguesa Que Te Cagas on our second trip to Corralejo in Fuerteventura back in 2016, when it was relatively new to the area and located on the main strip. It’s now moved to the Music Square which I think works better – more space for hungry people and better entertainment. Plus the burgers are still great!

The Vibe

The new location is great, and the perfect place to relax in the evening

Now that Hamburguesa is located in a bigger venue it feels a lot more spacious – it was nice on the main strip, but there wasn’t really much room, especially if you wanted to be seated in the sun. There’s plenty of room now for people who want to sit outside, and this means the view of the entertainment in the Music Square in the evenings is great. The entire restaurant faces the stage so even those that sit inside can enjoy the music and various acts throughout the night.

To enjoy the entertainment the chairs on the outside are all facing towards the stage with two on each table – this means you won’t strain your neck but it does feel a little like you’re on an interview panel!

The Food

Hamburguesa Que Te Cagas is famous for its giant burgers and it’s easy to see why! Although possibly a bit smaller than when they first opened, the burgers are still huge and impossible to eat as one item, requiring you to cut them at least in half. I’ve learnt to just use a knife and fork for the whole thing, as picking them up with your hands gets messy very quickly!

I’m always impressed with how the food is served – each burger will come out presented on a granite slab with the name of the burger written in sauce next to it. I absolutely love this touch, and it’s something I haven’t really seen in many other places.

Generally the quality of the food is really good and you’re able to ask for how well-done you want your burger. We usually go for medium rare which I find offers optimum flavour and texture. There’s a real variety of burgers on offer all with beef burgers unless stated otherwise – for example the Italian featuring pesto mayo, the Majorero featuring goats cheese and garlic mayo, and the Cowboy which has BBQ sauce, corn, and loads of cheese. There’s even a Bolognese burger based around the classic Spaghetti Bolognese dish which sounds amazing! If you’re not into beef burgers you can also order the Chicken Burger, Fish Burger, or Veggie Burger, and meat in all burgers can be changed to goat for a small extra cost.

Homemade fries and garlic mayo is a winning combination in my eyes

To go alongside the burgers you can order from a choice of sides (though you may not need them given how much burger is actually on your plate). We always order the fries, which are seriously good and I love how they come out in a little wire basket. There’s a whole host of different sauces for dipping uch as ketchup, mayo, BBQ sauce, and more, and I strongly recommend the garlic mayo to go with them. They also offer a good variety of drinks, though I find generally a cold lager works best with this type of meal.


The Extras

Besides the giant burgers, the main other pull to Hamburguesa Que Te Cagas is the front row seats to the Music Square entertainment, which plays every night in the evenings. Usually the entertainment will feature a local band (of which we’ve never heard a bad one) – most play covers but sometimes you’ll hear some original songs as well. Half-time acts sometimes come on too, and our favourite so far has been the African fire dancers – not what we were expecting but great entertainment alongside your food!

One of the local bands we watched while we were there, who performed some seriously good covers

It’s also worth noting that Hamburguesa Que Te Cagas offer a takeaway service as well, so if you’re not feeling up to going out you can order straight to your apartment or villa. This isn’t a service we have tried yet but I imagine we will do at some point!

Final Thoughts

While I think it’s important to try out local specialities when you visit a new country, Hamburguesa Que Te Cagas is a restaurant I just have to recommend as it’s so novelty and a great dining experience with customer service that has never failed us. If you like a bit of challenge with your food then this is one place you must visit!

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26 thoughts on “Hamburguesa Que Te Cagas | The Biggest Burgers In Fuerteventura

  1. Who doesn’t love a good burger! Your posts always make me want to travel or eat! I hope you had a great time.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I know, I lvoe it too! Which would you say is your favourite island? I’ve only been to Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, and Lobos so far but want to visit all the others for sure.

        1. Haha, maybe you need to then! I’m msot looking forward to La Gomera as I’ve heard it’s absolutely beautiful, and I’m also curious about El Hierro as it seems so desolate compared to the others. Tenerife is totally on my list to see in the next few years though – apparently there’s a museum featuring artifacts from the Guanche aboriginals that lived there so really want to see that 😊

  2. The burgers look great! I absolutely love it when restaurants put a cool touch on their food.

  3. Wow those burgers sounds absolutely amazing and so does the atmosphere. This is really making me want to go away although I can’t justify another holiday as I just returned and not sure how I’ll convince my hubby to go just so I can experience those amazing sounding burgers!!

    1. The best way to convince is to wait until he’s asleep then just book it 😉 tbf Fuerteventura is super cheap to go on holiday to so you never know, you might be able to fit it in! We just went for a week and it cost £500 for flights, apartment, insurance, transfers and so on… Crazy money!

      1. Oh what have I not thought of that?! Wait till he is sleeping! That’s not bad! With all the rain we’ve had I could do with some sun too!! Ps; just read you may wrap up and June goals! Love love love love your blog!!!!!

  4. I love this restaurant! Have you ever been to La Sombra in Betancuria? It’s almost impossible, but the burgers are even better, especially those with the home-made cactus sauce.

    1. No I haven’t! I have been to Betancuria but was only there for about an hour so we didn’t eat there. What is cactus sauce like? I’ve been meaning to try it!

      1. The cactus sauce was delicious. I don’t know anything you can compare it to. It was a bit sweet and sour. You should really give it a try yourself!

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