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Corralejo is a vibrant town full of a whole wealth of different restaurants. One that we particularly enjoy visiting is El Pescador (not to be confused with Gregorio El Pescador, just around the corner) – not only do they serve wonderful food but you also get prime viewing for entertainment at the Music Square.

The Vibe

Like many restaurants on the island, El Pescador is nicely chilled out whilst still feeling quite upmarket whilst you are there. The premises offers both indoor and outdoor seating (something I consider a necessity when we’re on the island), with most seating able to view the live football and other sports that they regularly host on their TV. The view from the outside seating isn’t particularly special during the day as the restaurant is in an enclosed area, however it comes to life at night with various different types of entertainment.

The Food

For our latest visit to El Pescador I decided to branch out and try a new type of fish, having heard that the restaurant excels in this area. I’m glad I did – I went for swordfish in the end (hard to choose – they offer a whole range of fish dishes such as shellfish, parrot fish, paella, and more). For those that haven’t tried it before, swordfish is quite a meaty, sturdy fish and it was cooked to perfection… Even Paul liked it, and he doesn’t like fish! The dish was served with Canarian potatoes and salad and was actually one of the best meals I had during our stay.

Paul decided to opt for the meat skewer, an interesting dish that is served at several different restaurants in the town. We’d been to another restaurant previously where he had ordered the same but it wasn’t cooked particularly well, however this one completely made up for it. The skewer features steak, pork, and grilled chicken with peppers (quite a lot of it, too!) and is served with chips, rice, and grilled vegetables. The photo doesn’t do it justice but the design of the meal is quite something!

We don’t usually order dessert but we just had to this time as the dessert menu looked wonderful – we were quite full so just went for one chocolate and vanilla ice cream dessert between both of us. It was creamy and decadent, making it the perfect end to our meal.

We’ve also been to El Pescador previously for tapas as well – they offer a very good deal on tapas and you really do get a lot for your money. Dishes include meat such as meatballs and steak pieces in sauce, fish plates such as Galician octopus (served with paprika and potatoes and well worth trying) and prawns in garlic, and vegetarian options from Padron peppers to several different salads (and of course Canarian potatoes with Mojo sauce, which is a must). We went for nine dishes between four of us and it was incredibly filling!

There are lots of drinks on offer too – I went for one of their many cocktails (El Pescador do a very good cocktail menu with plenty to choose from) however they also offer a great range of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, plus the obligatory honey rum shot at the end of the meal.

The Extras

The other main draw to El Pescador is really its position in the town – being in the Music Square, diners have access to different entertainment every night of the week. Usually there will be a band playing (and there are some excellent ones in Corralejo) but sometimes you’ll also be entertained by different street dancers. Our favourite one so far was the group of fire dancers that we enjoyed during our tapas – it made for quite a special night!


Final Thoughts

We’ve been to El Pescador three times over the last few years and it’s been a wonderful experience every time. The Music Square element makes it the perfect place for diners who want a more exciting and entertaining night out, and it’s a very good option for both meat and fish lovers (although of course there is a range of vegetarian food as well). Definitely worth a visit!

What’s the best fish dish you’ve ever had? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and pin! You can read some of my other Corralejo restaurant reviews here:

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25 thoughts on “El Pescador, Corralejo | Enjoy Fresh Fish And More In Fuerteventura

  1. Great adventure and loved the food pictures…I always eat the local food whenever I travel so I can understand more about their culture through their flavors!

  2. What a cool adventure – I wish it was closer to me so i could experience it as well! Thanks for letting me share in your journey!

  3. I love fish but haven’t tried swordfish yet! I’ll definitely need to try it someday. Lovely pictures of the food!

  4. Gosh, this food looks so good! I’m so intrigued by the meat skewer, it looks quite the feat of engineering haha! I love fish but I’ve never tried swordfish, it looks very nice though. The best fish meal I’ve had was flying fish when I was in Barbados. I would honestly go back just for that one meal haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  5. I agree with your thoughts here and I really love your blog! I’ve bookmarked it so that I can come back & read more in the future.

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