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A few years back I visited the Canaries with my partner over Christmas, desperate to do something different to the norm. It was lovely because we could throw away tradition and do whatever we wanted for a change. We spent the day at the beach, and instead of the traditional roast we visited Fuerteventura restaurant Poco Loco where Paul had a burger and I had fried goat. We enjoyed our meals so decide to revisit during our 2019 holiday with family and friends.

The Vibe

For a Fuerteventura restaurant Poco Loco has quite a different decor style but I rather like it. Veering away from a traditional Canarian design the place feels modern, with huge glass windows, sturdy and simplistic wooden furniture, and an abundance of giant plants that make it feel somewhat tropical. It’s one of the only restaurants that doesn’t have outside seating, but instead offers a lovely courtyard space for smokers or those who want to relax outside for a bit.

The venue is clean and shiny, with excellent facilities and an open layout with high ceilings that makes it feel spacious (despite the amount of tables). I can’t fault the place for design as they’ve put a lot of effort into it, making it stand out.

The Food

We really enjoyed the food last time, so decided to try some different meals to mix it up a bit. I loved fish before I went vegan so ordered the Poco Loco mixed fry-up. The dish contained squid, shrimp, whitebait, baby shrimp, and padrón peppers, with all of the fish fried in batter. There was also a simple side serving of salad, plus the obligatory lemon slice.

Mixed fish fry-up at Fuerteventura restaurant Poco Loco in Corralejo

Paul also went for something different this time, opting for a mixed meat skewer of steak, grilled chicken, and red pepper, which came with a side of Canarian potatoes and mojo sauce. My mother-in-law went for the chicken and vegetable version of the skewer, served with wedges and chimichurri, and our friend chose the deluxe burger which contained 100% beef burger, caramelised onions, brie, rocket, tomato, and Poco Loco’s own burger sauce. Clearly my father-in-law was hungry, ordering the Poco Loco mixed meat grill – steak, sausages, chicken, and pork.

We didn’t order any alcohol (for once) as we were flying the next morning, so went for soft drinks instead. You’ll notice from the photos that we went all out on the aioli sauce though! We also ordered a bread basket as a starter, although it turns out we definitely didn’t need it.

Generally the food was nice – the mixed grill and Poco Loco mixed fry-up were huge, with fairly good quality ingredients. The burgers and skewers were the same – the food wasn’t outstanding compared to other restaurants and it certainly wasn’t like dining in a local Canarian steakhouse but it was tasty enough.

There was one issue that put us off, and for this reason I can’t give Poco Loco a good review. My mother-in-law noticed after she’d started eating her meat skewer that some of the chicken was uncooked. Not just one piece, but most of them. Paul’s skewer was fine, but this one was definitely not safe to eat. We spoke to a waiter about it who offered to remake the meal however it was late and Denise felt quite put off, so instead they took the price off the bill. The waiter was apologetic enough, however the situation suggested that the chefs had not cooked the meals particularly carefully and I found that quite worrisome. Just the one meal was affected, but you can’t help but feel less trusting of a place when that happens. We also found the wait-time for meals quite long, which wasn’t great.


The Extras

One other thing Poco Loco offer is their ice creams, which are in a separate area at the front. They offer a whole range of flavours such as X, Y, and Z, plus some lovely and refreshing cool drinks. We tried the coconut and the coffee varieties before and they were so flavoursome. The ice creams are all vibrant colours and kids love them, plus their prices are fairly reasonable.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s clear to see that Poco Loco do some very good dishes from our previous visit and my fish dish this time around, they aren’t as consistent as one might hope. My experiences have been more positive than negative, yet I can’t rate Poco Loco highly because of our issue. Definitely a recommendation if you need of ice cream, but it’s up to you if you try it for dinner.

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12 thoughts on “Poco Loco,Corralejo | Fuerteventura Restaurant & Grill With A Varied Menu

  1. I’d love to go to another country for Christmas! I bet it’s such a nice change from the norm of doing the same thing year after year. The food here looks nice but honestly it made me gag when you said your MIL’s chicken wasn’t cooked. That could have been so dangerous! I hope she wasn’t too ill after that?

    1. Thankfully she was fine as she hadn’t really eaten any of it – she has IBS and a fairly severe lactose intolerance so she spends most of her time worrying about being ill anyway! Mine was lovely but I just don’t think I want to go back now.

  2. Uncooked food is a right put off for anyone! The food looked nice enough but I wouldn’t go to that restaurant if I was ever in fuerteventura.

  3. That’s so disappointing about the uncooked meat. I’m also the same way where if something isn’t cooked properly, it puts me off eating anything else there because you never know.

  4. Ew, that’s honestly disgusting that they served uncooked chicken – not to mention so freakin’ dangerous! I’m glad they didn’t make you pay but that should never have happened in the first place! What a way to ruin an experience, which is a shame when the rest of the food looks quite nice. Not sure I’d trust them again though!

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