Rise, In Pursuit Of Empowerment – Sabine Matharu | Powerful Collection Of Inspiring Stories Designed To Motivate And Uplift

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Author: Sabine Matharu (featuring 25 women authors)
Genre: Self-help
Published: 4th March 2019


Written for and by inspirational entrepreneurial women whose hidden creativity and business acumen is eager to come out despite facing an array of traumatic experiences, mindset and domestic battles, RISE – In Pursuit of Empowerment, published by Reach for Greatness Ltd., is a beacon of hope for all women. Through the incredible stories of 25 women, you will learn that while obstacles are a given, you also have what it takes to rise above challenges, create a space and niche for
yourself and turn impossible experiences into incredible opportunities that are profitable and fulfilling at the same time. RISE – In Pursuit of Empowerment, the first in a series of 4 books, will teach you:- How to tap into your intuition and inner strength to overcome stress, grief and trauma – How to take the challenges you have and turn them into opportunities – How to rise above the noise and come out victorious – Why your inner woman is a force to be reckoned with and – How to overcome substantial obstacles to live a more fulfilling and well-balanced life.

My Review

Like other books I’ve read recently RISE – In Pursuit Of Empowerment is not a genre I’d usually read, but I’m glad that I branched out into this particular style as it was one I really enjoyed. There’s such an inspiring range of stories from all across the world, and many of them are captivating to read. They cover a variety of different struggles that women face – some universal, such as mental health, poverty, and physical health, and others are struggles unique to women, such as barriers facing education for women in certain countries, and struggles directly stemming from becoming a mother. I’d imagine most if not all women can relate to at least one story in the series, and many men probably can as well.

Out of all the stories the one that inspired me the most was written by a woman who had been denied an education as a teenage girl in Pakistan but carried on learning; at just 13 she opened her own free school to allow girls to be educated. Although tiny at the start, she now runs it as a not-for-profit and it’s having a massive impact. In times like the ones we are in currently it’s so powerful to realise that women out there are still managing to overcome the odds and defeat the struggles that try so hard to pull them down.

Each chapter is quite short, and includes an author bio, image, and motivational quote at the end. I found it very easy to just pick it up and read because of this, however in a way I wished the stories were a bit longer – although they covered the initial struggle, the action, and the success, I wanted more detail, especially about the struggling part. Each story gave a snapshot but I found myself wanting to know even more to truly get a flavour of what each barrier must have been like for these women. Thankfully the author bio of each story allows the reader to understand the author further, and makes it easy to research their stories online (which I definitely will be doing!).

There’s one thing I just have to mention which is the design – I adored it! Modern and striking, the book included beautiful starry photos with each motivational quote which I spent a good amount of time just taking in, and the cute star graphics under each title added a really nice finishing touch. Along with such inspiring stories the design really sets the book apart and it’s so pretty you’ll find yourself turning back to those quote pages just to admire the beautiful photography again.


Final Thoughts

RISE – In Pursuit Of Empowerment is a book that really puts the struggles women face into perspective. Uplifting and motivating, it’s a must read for anyone going through their own struggles, and it may just be the book that makes you realise you can come out of the other side after all.

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If you’d like to purchase RISE – In Pursuit Of Empowerment then you can do so here:

RISE – In Pursuit Of Empowerment by Sabine Matharu – Amazon UK
RISE – In Pursuit Of Empowerment by Sabine Matharu – Amazon US

Author Bio

Sabine Matharu is a passionate business start-up and growth strategist, who specializes in helping women find their purpose and monetize their unique skills so that they can build a thriving business. Her signature program is “The Business Accelerator Mastermind”, that teaches and
supports entrepreneurs to implement an easy to follow methodology around how to build a long term profitable business without overwhelm and detours.
She also runs “The Greatness Club”, which complements the work she does in her Mastermind and provides women a platform and springboard for visibility, networking and lead generation. Sabine comes with years of experience as a corporate leadership consultant and has worked with over 1000 people in senior positions. She firmly believes that it is possible to reach for the greatness that is within ourselves.

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    1. Thank you so much – I hope you were able to grab your copy!!! Love creating beautiful and inspiring reads!

  1. Thank you so much for this amazing review! My husband who was in charge of design is over the moon and of course look out for the 3 sequels – of which I am already assembling another 25 stories – if anyone does have a fab story and would like to be considered for the next one, please message me.

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