Best Healthy Baking Swaps For Nutritious Homemade Treats

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about healthy foods and snacking right now. It’s something I’ve been conscious of ever since I became an adult and finally had my own kitchen. I love a good guilty treat but if there’s a way to make them healthier then I’m totally on it! I’ve done research into healthy baking swaps and after so many pinning sessions you feel like you know everything. Turns out that’s not the case – this infographic from Quill contains swaps I’d never heard of before!

Healthy Baking Swaps

Baking is a big one for me as I’m now vegan, so I’m always looking for the best baking swaps I can find without animal products. Whilst I’m well-versed in flax eggs, I had never heard of using applesauce instead of sugar (which sometimes isn’t vegan) or avocado in place of butter. Oil substitutes are something I really should have been aware of sooner (I’m always running out of oil), and who knew that you could swap white flour for black beans?


Healthy Hacks

There are also some interesting healthy hacks at the bottom of the infographic which I’m looking forward to using. I’ve always wanted to venture into different flours, and the suggestions for fruits and veggies sound like a great way to add some extra vitamins, minerals, and fibre into baked goods. Plus, it’s a clever way of sneaking in extra five a day portions for those fussy eaters that won’t eat anything resembling a vegetable (you think I’m just talking about kids, but my partner is 100% included in this category).

Pin this if you want to bake healthier and see how using these healthy baking swaps improve your snacks!

What’s your favourite healthy food swap or hack in the kitchen? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and pin! You can read some of my other food-based articles here:

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Best Healthy Baking Swaps For Nutritious Homemade Treats Pinterest image

13 thoughts on “Best Healthy Baking Swaps For Nutritious Homemade Treats

  1. Saving this infographic on my phone! This is so handy to have now that I’m trying to watch what I eat more.

  2. Love your new blog them and logo it’s suits what you stand for so much !! I didn’t know that dark chocolate was healthier although I’m not a big fan of it. Great post 💗

  3. I quite often use Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream but that’s about the only one I knew from this infographic! I had no idea you could use avocado instead of butter, that sounds like a great way to reduce dairy. Thanks for sharing this, so many great options here!

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