Lost In Wonderland – The Minories | Powerful Art Collection In Colchester Centered Around Women And Feminism

It was International Women’s Day just the other day and it’s always great to see women empowered and appreciated for what they’ve contributed to the world. There’s quite a lot of female-focused art in Colchester at the moment, and The Minories in Colchester is now showing another great example of the talented female artists we have within our community.

Artist: Various
Gallery: The Minories, Colchester
Dates: Sat 9th Mar– Sat 23rd Mar 2019

Exhibition Content

Lost In Wonderland is a new exhibition that features only women artists and is loosely themed around Alice In Wonderland, but from a feminine perspective. The pieces on show focus on narrative and exploration, among other themes.

Something that struck me about the exhibition was just how dextrous and interactive it is, which is something I always appreciate. The very first room features porcelain and stoneware works from Pam Schomberg, whose designs I felt absolutely captured by. There were so many pieces to look at, with her works making a wonderful introduction to the pieces that followed.

Just one corner featuring a beautiful selection of art

Once in the main room of The Minories the viewer is treated to a rather eclectic range of artists and pieces. Wall art is shown from several different artists – beautiful book-focused art from Alison Stockmarr, family photography from Carina Ioannou, and a particularly poetic and encapsulating set from Elinor Rowlands including photography of words and a collection of short films that explore her experiences with ADHD and RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy).

In the middle of the room stand two interactive pieces. An ever-evolving piece from Gemma Abbott, inspired by Tacitus, showcases the stories of historical women so often told by men, and invites the viewer to plant a seed within the main piece of the set, These Holes We Dig. The other piece, by Roseanna Chew, is an installation inviting the viewer inside a cosy red tepee of sorts which is filled with photos, with the intention of making them feel safe and reflective of the friendship and warmth that surrounds them.

These Holes We Dig installation by Gemma Abbott, with Roseanna Chew’s installation in the background

As well as the artists mentioned several other artists are featured – Dorry Spikes, Jane Frederick, Pauline Medinger, and Emily Godden. There’s so much to be seen in the exhibition that I can’t touch on them all, but each artist brings something a little bit different to the theme, meaning that there will be something there for everyone interested in art, and you’ll most likely have one or two that really stand out to you.

My Favourite Pieces

Pam Schomberg’s works were my favourite three-dimensional pieces within the exhibition and I went back to look at them before I left as I loved them so much. They have a real Alice In Wonderland feel to them – ornate but quirky tea sets with legs and beautiful colours, and stunning wall pieces that stand out. I would quite happily have displayed the whole collection in my home (sadly the budget does not allow).

A selection of Pam Schomberg’s pottery pieces

For wall pieces, my favourite collection was from Olivia Browne – wall collages featuring magazines and photography. Like Schomberg’s work they have a magical feel to them and it’s easy to lose a lot of time studying each of the individual images and how they come together.


Final Thoughts

I found the exhibition inspiring – not only because we have such a talented collection of women in Colchester and the surrounding areas but also that they are so diverse, each with their own stories and imagery to convey. Definitely worth a visit to The Minories if you’re in the area, and you might even find yourself inspired to create something within that theme yourself!

Which piece stands out to you the most? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and pin!

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20 thoughts on “Lost In Wonderland – The Minories | Powerful Art Collection In Colchester Centered Around Women And Feminism

  1. This sounds like a really cool exhibition. I love Alice in Wonderland too so it would be nice to see how that inspired things. Colchester is way too far away from me though, sadly! x


  2. Love the Alice In Wonderland theme and always appreciate reading articles on woman empowerment 🌸 Looks like it was a great experience.

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