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I love a good vegan burger. Gone are the days of the same veggie burger over and over again… There are many more options available, with usually at least one vegan burger available on the menu, and it’s made dining out as a vegan much more enjoyable. It can still be difficult to find places that offer a good range of burger options though. Byron Burgers have the most extensive vegan burger menu I’ve come across so far, so I just had to try them out!

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The Vibe

Byron Burgers is clearly inspired by the American diner scene, and it’s a great vibe. The kitchen is open which gives it a vibrant and active feel – I always love restaurants where you can see the kitchen in action. It feels modern and inviting, combining contemporary lighting and décor with classic diner seating.

Generally it was a welcoming place to eat within, with comfy seats and a really nice ambience. It felt open and spaced out – it was easy to enjoy the experience with my partner without feeling too close to other diners (something I like to avoid, being as introverted as I am!). We also both enjoyed the atmosphere, which was a nice combination of cooking noises, good music, and general chatter. Not too loud that we couldn’t hear ourselves speak, but loud enough that we felt relaxed and at ease talking to one another. They’ve got the balance just right!

The Food

And now onto the main event and the reason we were there – Byron Burgers’ varied vegan burger menu. Any burger that they offer can be made vegan, which means they have nine options in total! I’m yet to find anywhere else that offers this much plant-based variety. So much variety, in fact, that it took us a good 10-15 minutes to make up our mind. One thing was immediately clear though… For drinks we had to go for the vegan salted caramel milkshake! These were huge, and came in large metal cups. The flavour was decadent and we quickly agreed it would be worth revisiting purely to have another one. Aside from shakes you can also get juices and fizzy drinks, and there is an impressive range of alcoholic drinks too. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent you can even add a shot of rum, bourbon, or Baileys to your milkshake.

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We wanted to try both styles of burger so finally settled upon the vegan B-Rex and the vegan Clucky. The B-Rex is a Beyond Meat burger that also includes facon, vegan cheese, BBQ sauce, vegan mayo, pickles, jalapeños, and an onion ring. The Clucky contains a Meatless Farm chicken burger with smashed avocado, vegan sriracha mayo, pickled red onions, lettuce, and pickles. Alongside these we ordered sides of skin-on fries and sweet potato fries. Vegan slaw and salad are also available, alongside some other non-vegan options such as halloumi fries, mac and cheese, and chicken wings.

We really enjoyed both burgers, though our favourite was the B-Rex. My meat-eating partner felt it was pretty difficult to differentiate it from an actual beef burger! The facon was well-done (which I really appreciated, as facon can often let the meal down) and I loved the addition of the onion ring. The Clucky was realistic enough, and we particularly enjoyed the combo of smashed avocado and sriracha mayo. Both types of fries were good, with large portion sizes and a variety of dips available. The only thing I felt could have been improved on the menu was having some vegan desserts available. Not that we needed dessert though – the meal was incredibly filling and we only just managed to finish it!

The way that the menu is designed means that everything is separate – this makes it easier to customise your meal, however also results in it being more expensive than places that include sides with their main orders. The total cost of our order came to £47.35 for two people, which included a burger, a side, and a drink each. I felt this was a little steep however the food was really good. I don’t think I’d be able to visit regularly purely for this reason though, as other restaurants may offer better value for money (and that’s probably a deciding factor for a lot of people at the moment, given the current cost of living crisis). It certainly makes a wonderful treat though, and I would like to go back.

The Extras

Byron Burgers offer delivery and collection as well as the ability to eat inside the restaurant. You can order for collection through their website, on on Deliveroo if you’d rather have delivery. Customisation options are just as easy when ordering take-out, and you can still access the majority of their menu.

Final Thoughts

We both had a great experience at Byron Burgers – the customer service was excellent and I loved the vibe. I was surprised at how filling their food was and there was nothing wrong in terms of flavour or presentation. The only issue I had was the price, which I felt was just too much compared to other restaurants… I’d definitely still return though, and recommend Byron Burgers for those that can afford it. I think it would be a great venue to celebrate something if you’re looking for something a little less fancy, but still want quality food and a great atmosphere. It’s also perfect for something more casual, whether that be catching up with a friend or taking your kids out for lunch.

I was super impressed with their menu and how much there was that I could eat as a vegan, and this is a major selling point for me. I’m excited to see what further vegan additions they make, and am hopeful for some vegan desserts and more vegan shakes in the future. If you’re looking for vegan burgers and variety is key for you then Byron is definitely somewhere you should visit!

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