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If you’ve read my review of Coffee Fellows in Sliema then you’ll know that I had a hard time finding vegan food in Malta. I had this same issue in Valetta, the capital, although there were some gems around… I just had to find them! Whilst exploring the city I stumbled across De Bono Coffee Shop and their vegan options made my day!

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The Vibe

De Bono Coffee Shop is nestled right in the middle of Valetta. It’s down a relatively quiet side street, but with the hustle and bustle of the city close by. The shop itself is tiny, comprising of just a kiosk and food fridge, with all seating opposite and placed outside. Perfect for a sunny, warm island like Malta! There isn’t loads of seating and I nearly didn’t get a space, however thankfully some customers reorganised themselves so I could fit in. I’ve noticed that people don’t stay too long at coffee shops on the island so always worth checking back later if it’s full.

I felt that the customer service was excellent – the woman serving was so friendly, and spoke fluent English. I asked for suggestions as the cakes all looked lovely and she was more than happy to recommend her favourites! She was also very tuned in to her customers’ experiences and happy to assist where needed.

De Bono Coffee Shop that sells vegan food in Malta - store front with brown wooden sign, refrigerator of drinks, and open wine shop to the right

The Food

I’m actually pretty gutted I only got to visit De Bono Coffee Shop once as they have so many great vegan options! I’ll be honest – I was getting pretty dishearted by the lack of vegan food in Malta but this particular café revitalised my spirits. I started out with a cappuccino with almond milk – they also offer soy milk as a plant-based alternative. Unlike many places on the island that don’t serve any vegan options, you can get two mains here, or a variety of desserts/snacks. They sell vegan hot dogs and also vegan zapiekanka, a popular Polish open-top baguette. I didn’t try either of these as had eaten lunch already, but I will next time!

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My much needed coffee after exploring St. John’s Co-Cathedral on a guided tour

It was the desserts that drew me into the café – there are vegan options for cake slices and energy balls. Their selection changes daily but I was very impressed with what they had on that day! I had to choose between Oreo cheesecake, vanilla cheesecake, banoffee pie cake, and protein energy balls… Possibly the most difficult decision I made during the trip! There was also non-vegan Twix salted caramel cake and white Snickers cake available. I also learnt that they often do a vegan pistachio cheesecake. I ended up succumbing to the banoffee pie cheesecake, and it was an excellent choice! It was deliciously creamy, containing huge slices of banana with loads of toffee sauce, and desiccated coconut sprinkled on top. Eating it was slightly difficult because of the banana slices but that’s hardly a complaint! Pricing was fair as well, and I felt accurately reflected the quality of the food. My order came to around €6.50 in total.

Example of vegan food in Malta - shot of banoffee cheesecake on a black plate with a wooden fork and white napkin
So much decadence in one slice!

The Extras

As De Bono Coffee Shop is so small there aren’t any extras as such, but that’s okay! There is plenty to do in Valetta, and the café’s location is perfect for some inner city exploration. There are loads of cool places nearby to visit such as St. John’s Co-Cathedral and Lower Barrakka Gardens. The city is also excellent for shopping and immersing yourself in Maltese history and culture. I visited on a guided tour but could easily spend a few days there!

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it – De Bono is a haven for vegans in need of cake! It was my favourite place for vegan food in Malta, and their selection was far superior to other local options. The excellent customer service and chilled vibe brought it all together, and I will make a point of going back next time I visit… I’ve got so many more cakes to try!

I thoroughly recommend De Bono Coffee Shop for any vegans or dairy-free people visiting Valetta – it’s a must-visit and I hope that their menu will inspire other local cafés and restaurants to up their plant-based game.

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