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Blogging is certainly not what it once was. Ten years ago it was merely writing your thoughts into WordPress and clicking publish – now it’s a whole lot more. Social media, email marketing, photography, graphic design, and SEO are now all vital aspects of running a successful blog, and if you want to make money or get a big audience then you have to learn how to do them all.

That’s not to put you off though! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey with blogging so far and I hope to spend many more years writing. I just wish that I’d taken the time to learn about it first before diving straight in, as I could have saved so much time and effort. I wish I’d used something like The Blogger’s Survival Guide by Nic’s Healthy Life – a blogging guide for beginners that compiles all the information you need to know into one handy document.

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“This is not your usual blogging ebook!

The Blogger’s Survival Guide: My Tips and Advice from Over 12 Years of Blogging talks you through creating the right mindset, producing killer content, getting your blog noticed, monetising your site, how to overcome the challenges of being a blogger and getting your mojo back after a slump.

This is the book you need to help you take your blog to the next level, whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro.”
(Taken from The Blogger’s Survival Guide)

My Review

There’s one thing that annoys me with the current trend of self-published eBooks, and it’s that some people don’t have the experience or understanding to justify what they’ve written. You’ve probably seen it, too. Blogging guides from people who have been blogging for under a year… So-called “experts” in a field that have barely scraped the surface of relevant knowledge.

Thankfully, Nicola from Nic’s Healthy Life is not this person. At all. The Blogger’s Survival Guide is a great eBook because she’s written it based on over twelve years of experience in blogging. She’s seen the changes that have occurred, and she’s a trustworthy source when it comes to understanding the current industry.

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The guide helps with the foundations of blogging and how they tie together. It starts with a focus on mindset, something that is unbelievably important when trying to build a successful business out of your blog, and then tackles the more tangible things. How to write killer content, how to use SEO, ways you can monetise your blog… There’s so much information! You’ll also learn other aspects of blogging, such as how to manage your time effectively and how you can utilise social media to build an audience.

There are two chapters in particular that I found really useful, which were the last two. Blogging, like any other entrepreneurial industry, is full of people that love to focus on positive success. Which is great, as we need to see wins to know that we too can achieve. However, there’s often a deliberate denial of the less positive side, which is bad. This can lead to unrealistic expectations and experiencing failure as a greater thing than it should be.

Nicola covers this in chapters 5 and 6. Here she discusses the things that no one tells you about blogging (specifically the bad bits), and then teaches you how to get your blogging mojo back after a slump. Which is so important! Writers’ block is a massive issue with blogging, and we’ll all experience it. I’ve experienced countless slumps during my journey, and sometimes they are so hard to get out of. This chapter in particular was great as it teaches you not only how to destroy said slump, but how to avoid future ones too.


Final Thoughts

Despite being a relatively short and easy read, The Blogger’s Survival Guide is a true goldmine when it comes to the information that new bloggers need. It’s informative and reassuring, but it doesn’t try to paint a different picture of the industry. Instead it tells you what you need to know, equipping you with the tools you need to start and maintain a successful blog.

The eBook would particularly suit those that are new to blogging or feel like their knowledge is beginner-level. If that’s you then it’s a no-brainer! Even if you’ve been blogging a while, you’ll still learn something new. With so much information from a trusted source, this blogging guide for beginners is an excellent investment for your blog.

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Want to grab your own copy of The Blogger’s Survival Guide? You can do so using the following link:

The Blogger’s Survival Guide by Nic’s Healthy Life – Payhip

Author Bio

“I’m Nicola, a blogger and freelance writer from Essex, UK (just outside London). My interests include healthy living, minimalism, travel, learning new languages, plant-based cooking, reading, running and going for long walks. As well as running this blog and working in a bank, I have an Etsy store called Bloggers Do It Better, so I’m pretty busy most of the time.

I created Nic’s Healthy Life in March 2015. It began strictly as a nutrition and fitness blog as I wanted to educate people on the importance of healthy eating and exercise, and help them on their own journeys to optimum health, fitness and wellbeing. Since then, I’ve branched out into writing about minimalism, personal development, blogging tips, product reviews and general lifestyle posts. I use Nic’s Healthy Life as my creative outlet and as a way to connect with other bloggers, writers and people who share my interests.”
(Taken from Nic’s Healthy Life)

What do you wish you’d been told before you started blogging? Did you use a blogging guide for beginners when you started, or did you jump straight into the deep end? Share your thoughts below, and don’t forget to like and pin if you enjoyed this review! For other great blogging tips, check out these posts:

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10 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Survival Guide by Nic’s Healthy Life | Blogging Guide For Beginners That Covers All You Need To Know

  1. I totally agree with what you said about the current trend of ebooks in the blogging world right now. People seem to think it’s a quick money making scheme and whether they have the knowledge and experience or not will just do it for that reason. Definitely important to buy these ebooks from those with the experience x

  2. The ebooks thing makes me laugh – I’m seeing bloggers the same size as me using it as a quick fix to making money but they don’t understand that money is tight and people can find a lot of this info on other blogs. I’m always wary of stolen intellectual property. I think I need a blogging bible that’s updated every month, things change so quickly!

  3. This sounds like a great guide for beginners! I completely agree with you about the influx of bloggers with no experience selling courses and books, but when you find someone you trust they can be such useful resources!

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