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I’ll admit it took me a while to go self-hosted. Pages Places & Plates was born early 2019 but I didn’t actually take the leap until early this year. It’s a financial investment so I wanted to choose the right company. I researched extensively on the topic (with a spreadsheet, of course), and once I’d narrowed it down to the last few the winner was clear. Not only for their excellent reviews and service, but also because their almost unbelievably low prices allowed to go self-hosted earlier than I thought I could. Their cheap web hosting for WordPress is exactly what I needed. Read on to find out why I 100% recommend Stablepoint as your next website host.

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Who are Stablepoint?

“Original founders of global hosting brands Tsohost, Vidahost and SpeedyDot, the Stablepoint team came together in late 2018 to create a new hosting company. We wanted to use the latest tech, and our past experience to create the ultimate scalable yet personable hosting brand.

Our aim is to focus on what makes hosting great: reliable servers, easy to use systems and fantastic customer support. We will not use complex jargon to explain simple things. We won’t try to sell you unnecessary “website add-ons”. And we won’t fob you off when you need help with your hosting package.

We’re here to be a better hosting company.”
(Taken from Stablepoint’s website)

Self-Hosting Plans

As with all hosting companies, Stablepoint offer a variety of cloud-hosting plans to suit your needs. What they offer within each of these plans is excellent. Actually, as good as or better than anything I’d found anywhere else. What really sets them apart though is the price. Take a look here at the different plans they offer:

Cheap web hosting for WordPress options from Stablepoint

It’s immediately clear that they’re a lot cheaper than anyone else in the market. When you look at the biggest companies you’re looking at around £20 a month at least for just one website, which gets you pretty much exactly the same as what Stablepoint offers. Even the smaller companies that I came across charge more than this and either didn’t offer as much or had negative reviews for their customer service. Here’s a more in-depth screenshot of what each plan entails (in order of starter, medium, and advanced plans):

In-depth look at different plan options

I like them because they offer everything I was looking for. A good amount of space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, free set-up, and of course a free domain. They cater to many different types of websites – they offer cheap web hosting for WordPress, for example, which I use.


The other thing I thought was excellent is that they offer payment via monthly installments. This was a key factor in my decision as I couldn’t afford to pay for a whole year at once. Pretty much every other company that I considered required a full year’s payment in advance to start (sometimes not including the domain, either), and the ones that did offer monthly installments ended up too expensive that way. Finding a company that offered a pay-monthly plan that doesn’t rack up in cost made me breathe a huge sigh of relief. £3.99 is much more affordable – I don’t even notice it leave my bank.

And I know everyone will ask this – was I worried, given that they are so cheap? In all honesty, yes I was a bit. Sometimes you want to pay more to know you’re getting better quality. But, as experience has taught me, higher fees does not equate to a better service. Plus, from my research on Stablepoint, I discovered pretty quickly that they had a whole host of happy customers, and generally excellent feedback. Cheap web hosting for WordPress (and many other sites, to be honest) is difficult to find, so I’m glad I took the risk.


Time to get down to business. I’ve been with Stablepoint for three months now, and I haven’t found a single issue with anything they’ve done. The set-up was really easy, and the team clearly knew what they were doing. My site actually encountered quite a hold-up during migration (just my luck) due to an issue with the original WordPress files, yet the team were able to fix it really quickly and with minimal effort on my part. They knew exactly what had gone wrong and, once they had the correct files, my website was complete within a matter of hours.

Since then, they’ve speedily resolved every issue I’ve had – sometimes immediately. It’s easy to report a problem using their online ticket system, and someone is always in contact pretty quickly. They’ve answered every question I’ve had (and believe me, there’s been a few), and that makes me really happy.

Once you’ve signed up you can also access their Knowledgebase which is so useful. Its essentially a giant FAQ for their service and I’ve used it a lot. Definitely a plus!

Customer Service

I was actually really worried about going self-hosted because I just don’t get technical stuff. Yes, I know a lot about writing, but my technical knowledge on websites is dire. It’s one thing I’m still yet to get my head around.

It sounds silly, but I was worried that this complete lack of knowledge meant my hosting company wouldn’t help me. Because I know so little I’ve had to ask many questions, and I’ve really had to rely on Stablepoint. I didn’t even know what cPanel was when I first went self-hosted if that puts it into perspective!

Despite this, Stablepoint has been overwhelmingly accommodating. I’ve mentioned that they’ve responded speedily to every question and request, but they’ve also been polite and friendly and as helpful as they could be. I feel valued, and like it’s okay to keep asking questions and they won’t get frustrated or think I’m an idiot (sorry, team). They’ve never once made me feel like a burden, and I know that whenever I have to contact them about something that it will be met with a (virtual) smile and a positive attitude. And I like that. I’ve worked with many companies on different things throughout my life and I certainly haven’t had the same experience with all of them, so I’ve really appreciated knowing that such a friendly and focused team has my back.

Stablepoint Trust Pilot 5* rating

The other thing about Stablepoint that I like is that they’re trustworthy. When I was researching hosting companies I was desperate not to go for one owned by EIG such as Hostgator or Bluehost. If you don’t know why then this article by Blog Marketing Academy explains it perfectly. I’m not a fan of conglomerates in any industry, but I’d heard so many bad things that I didn’t even want to risk it. Plus, with Stablepoint I know that my financial contributions are going towards a small company of experts that deserve it, rather than the already bursting pockets of EIG. Stablepoint is fully focused on customer service.

Final Thoughts

I want to make this review more balanced by including some negatives but I’m being completely honest when I say I haven’t come across any yet. They’ve done everything brilliantly so far, and I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to website hosting.

My recommendation for Stablepoint is 100% positive and comes truly from my experiences with them. I needed cheap web hosting for WordPress and that’s exactly what I got, plus so much other stuff. Yes, I’ve included affiliate links in this article, but I was going to write this long before I even realised they had an affiliate system. As you all know I only recommend things on Pages Places & Plates that I like, and I’d say that Stablepoint have been my purchase of the year when it comes to blogging.

Purchase Links

If you’re sold (and why wouldn’t you be?!) then you can check out Stablepoint’s website to choose your plan. It’s as easy as that! I’d personally recommend the starter plan at £3.99 a month for bloggers with just one website – this is the one that I use.

You can also get a one-time discount of 20% if you’re a new buyer by using the code “G7BP94H6WI“. Just add it in at checkout!

What are your biggest priorities when going self-hosted? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and pin! You can read some of my other blogging articles here:

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13 thoughts on “Stablepoint Cloud Hosting | Cheap Web Hosting For WordPress & Other Sites That Offers High Quality At Affordable Prices

  1. I haven’t heard of Stablepoint before, but I know how important a good hosting company is for bloggers! I’m glad you’re happy with them.

  2. A good hosting company makes such a difference. I’ve heard so many horror stories so I can completely understand why you really did your research! Customer service is a huge thing for me too, my hosting company are also great with that and it genuinely makes the whole experience of blogging so much better!

  3. You may or may not know this but I’m planning to start another blog, I was considering going with a different host because I don’t feel like paying two full years for 2 blogs..

    And the first thought was “I remember Hannah told me about Stablepoint, let’s text and ask her how it’s been like till now & if it’s all good, I’ll see if she has an aff link to use. um or.. wait let me learn more about them first.”

    Went to their Twitter account to see what they’re like & what people are saying, and found ur review article there. Everything I wanted to know. Thanks for existing Hannah Read!

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