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Recently I acquired a set of blue light glasses from retailer Materossi, who sell their products through Amazon. I wasn’t planning to review them here, however they are the best blue light blocking glasses I could have hoped for. They’ve been such a game changer for me that I really want to shout about them to everyone!

Migraine reduction was my main focus with these glasses. I was also interested to see how they would impact my periodic insomnia and my habit of straining my eyes. These are all things that blue light blocking glasses are said to help with.

Best blue light blocking glasses from Materossi

***These glasses were gifted to me in exchange for an honest review***

Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Materossi

“3 pairs of blue light blocking glasses. Two classic fashionable glasses styles that fit all face shapes and sizes. A pair of clip-on lenses that can be attached to prescription glasses.

Each lens has a hard multilayer anti reflective (HMAR) and UV400 coating. This coating offers a protective shield from harmful rays. The glasses also act to reduce glare from screens. Each lens is CE certified to European standards.

These glasses can we worn when you are looking at any digital screen. While at work you can protect your eyes during the hours you spend looking at your computer screen. At home when you are relaxing watching TV or gaming your eyes are not able to relax, wear these glasses to give them a break too. Use them in the evening to help prevent light from screens keeping you awake.”
(Taken from Amazon)

How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Obvious from the name, blue light glasses exist to filter out blue light for the wearer. Blue light is something we’ve become more aware of recently, mainly because of how it negatively impacts our health.

Blue light is a natural thing, and we’re supposed to absorb a certain amount of it during the day from the sun. Once the sun has set the blue light absorption ceases causing our body to produce less melatonin, which in turn signals to our brain that we need to get ready to sleep.

The issue arises when we start absorbing too much of the stuff. This can cause insomnia due to the lack of “it’s time for bed” signals. Our circadian rhythm gets disrupted, making it harder and harder to get to sleep. With blue light emitted from screens, bulbs, and other sources, it’s hard to avoid and so can have quite a big impact on the population (especially when you consider how often we’re under the light of a bulb or using a screen).

Blue light also causes headaches and migraines in some people, which is why I was particularly interested in these glasses. Migraines are bad enough, but when one of your main triggers is something that constantly surrounds you then it can really affect your quality of life in a bad way. I’ve had chronic migraines for about a year now, making day to day life difficult. I’ve missed out on so many things because of them. Essentially, they’ve controlled my life. With medication, yoga, dietary changes, more water, and other techniques all having minimal impact on reducing my migraines, I was desperate to try anything by this point.

Using The Glasses

The set I got came with three pairs of glasses. This included a black-framed pair, a clear framed pair, and a clip-on pair for those who already wear glasses (the clip-on pair is now sold separately). Alongside these you also get a case and a lens cleaner. The glasses don’t feel cheap at all, and the case is simple but really quite nice. I liked the choice of glasses – I like the black pair best but I’ve really warmed to the clear pair. Both pairs are comfy and feel light on the face without too much pressure. I haven’t used the clip-on pair as I don’t wear glasses normally, however they have good reviews on Amazon!

The full set of best blue light blocking glasses

Compared to other blue light glasses I’ve seen on Amazon these offered quite a lot – they seem to be one of the only ones with multiple pairs in a set, and I hadn’t seen any that contained a clip-on pair before these. Materossi also sells glasses for specific scenarios, such as driving at night, so if you need something stronger then the option is there. This set is pretty much your pair for daily life and should help in most situations.

I’ve worn both pairs every day, using them whenever I’m looking at a screen or under a lightbulb. Generally, the black pair is my “out and about” pair for work and I wear the clear pair at home. This means I use them on my laptop, my phone, and my TV, but also when the house lights come on, when I’m in a public building such as library or shop, at work, when I’m on the train or bus, and when I’m looking at items such as electronic billboards or shop signs. I hadn’t realised quite how much blue light was around me until I started wearing them!

Results For Migraines

The results for my migraines were pretty much immediate – from the first day I noticed a positive difference. Suddenly I wasn’t coming home from work with a migraine each evening. I felt less hazy during the day, and I didn’t keep having to stop and lie down at the weekend because I’d been looking at a screen. My partner noticed the difference, too – no longer was I cancelling our plans or having to get him to look after me because I was in too much pain.

The biggest test was with the TV – the only device in the house that can’t install a migraine filter. Using the glasses I was able to watch an entire film without having to spend the rest of the day in bed – something I haven’t been able to do for over a year. I could quite happily sit and play on the PS4 for a couple of hours without needing to take a couple of Anadin Extra.

Results For Insomnia & Eye Strain

I didn’t think that the glasses would completely alleviate my insomnia because it isn’t solely caused by blue light (I know this because I can go an entire day or more without any unnatural blue light and still struggle to sleep at night during an episode), however they did make a bit of an impact. I found it easier to wind down at night and getting to sleep felt slightly quicker. It was also easier to wake up in the morning because I slept for longer.

I did however really notice a difference with eye strain. I tend to get itchy and red eyes when I use screens too much – most probably down to not blinking. Wearing these the problem disappears, only happening for really long stretches of screen use. My eyes seem to have more moisture, and they haven’t been red or itchy.

Final Thoughts

Comparing pre-glasses and post-glasses, I’d say I’ve gone down from around three to five migraines a week to at most two (sometimes zero, which is amazing!). I still get them from other triggers, of course, but losing the ones caused by light has been so freeing. My sleep is slightly better, and my eyes feel a lot healthier. I also love wearing them and they’ve become quite integral to me now.

It’s not often I describe a product as life-changing, yet these blue light glasses really are. They’ve taken me from a life of chronic pain to something much more manageable. I no longer live in fear of getting a migraine, and I’m not worrying about all the things I might have to cancel. I enjoy my work more, too, and I can actually relax in the evenings which is so good for my wellbeing. I’m also spending less on medication, and no longer finding that said medication has stopped working from overuse.

If you suffer from headaches or migraines and light is a trigger then these could be the best investment you could possibly make (they have been for me). I honestly haven’t found anything better for the condition, and I’ve tried so many things. I’d also recommend them for reducing eye-strain, and for insomnia if blue light is something you just can’t avoid in the evenings. Materossi’s blue light glasses are by far the best and most effective product I’ve reviewed on my blog to date, and I can’t imagine ever going back to not wearing them.

Purchase Links

If you’d like to buy a pair of Materossi’s glasses then you can do so using the following link:

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Amazon UK

And if you’d like to purchase the clip-on versions instead then you can get them here:

Clip-On Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Amazon UK

You can also purchase this set of two glasses, which feature the standard black ones plus a tortoiseshell patterned pair:

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Black & Tortoiseshell – Amazon UK

Do you suffer with headaches, migraines, eye strain, or insomnia? Have you found anything that helps prevent the conditions? Let me know below, and don’t forget to pin if you enjoyed the post. You can read some of my other health product reviews here:

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12 thoughts on “Materossi Blue Light Blocking Glasses | Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Sleep, Migraines, & Eye Strain

  1. Yesss this sounds so good, I remember you recommended them to me on Twitter! My issue is that my eyes go so bloodshot from staring at a screen, particularly when I’m concentrating doing digital art, writing, or playing an intense game. I’m definitely considering getting these, at the moment I’ve been okay since I’ve spent a bit more time outside with the nice weather. But usually I do spend the mornings doing something on my laptop then my eyes feel to strained to do anything else the rest of the day!

    1. I’d 100% recommend them if you do suffer from eye strain then, as they help. I use them in combination with a migraine filter/night mode on my devices and that really helps keep my eyes feeling healthy.

  2. That’s amazing how much of an impact these have had on your migraines! I’m actually so happy for you! And I think they look fab too – especially the clear frames. They really suit you 🙂 xxx

    1. Thank you! I didn’t actually like the clear frames at first because I felt like I was wearing glasses, but they’ve really grown on me. I appreciate them a lot for how they’ve helped me!

  3. I knew you had a lot of migraines but I had no idea quite how much of an impact that was having on your day-to-day life! I’m so glad that these glasses have made a real difference for you, it genuinely sounds like they have improved things for you. I also think they really suit you! I like both pairs but the clear set are my fave!

    1. Thank you! It’s interesting because a lot of people don’t really “get” migraines if they don’t suffer from them – they see them as just a headache (which is fair enough I guess, as migraine sufferers don’t look any different to healthy people). They’re quite debilitating though! I’ve had a couple since Friday just due to stress and it’s pretty much wiped out my whole weekend, so any reductions are good.

  4. Ive has migraines for over 10 years and it really sucks! They are life altering and debilitating for sure. I’ve never tried these but I’m willing to do anything tbh! Thanks for the info!

    1. It’s worth a shot, for sure! Especially if light is a trigger – I didn’t even realise blue light was affecting me in that way so wearing them has been quite eye-opening. I was honestly at my wit’s end when I decided to try these!

  5. Glad to hear they have made a positive difference in your day to day life. I didn’t know they make clip ons for glasses! I wear glasses and contacts so this is perfect.

    1. Yeah, it’s such a good idea! I obviously won’t be using mine as I don’t wear glasses, but so good for those that do as there doesn’t seem to be an option to get the blue light blocking added to regular glasses at the optician.

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