AD: Get Your Money Back On Delayed Or Cancelled Flights With Compensair

Out of all the delays that possibly exist, flight delays just have to be the worst. Not only have you had to drive all the way to the airport, get frisked by security, and been stuck in an enclosed space for three hours surrounded by too many ways to part with your holiday money, but then to add insult to injury you’ve had even more time tacked on. The longer the delay the less precious holiday time you get, so it’s not surprising that we all get pretty riled when it happens.

Unfortunately I don’t have a magic wand to stop the delays from happening in the first place (if I did then I would) but I do know of something that helps ease the pain, which is Compensair.

Compensair flight compensation - claim money for your cancelled or delayed flight from your holiday or travels

What Is Compensair?

Compensair, as you can probably guess by the name, are a company who help travellers gain compensation when their flight is delayed. They handle all of the complicated paperwork behind the scenes so you don’t have to, plus they operate on a no win, no fee basis, meaning that you only have to pay them for their service if you get the compensation. This works out at just 25% of your final compensation amount, and of course if the claim falls through then you’re no worse off than when you started.

The service is there for anyone, regardless of citizenship, and they have a handy calculator on their site which can help you work out what you might be entitled to before you apply (between €125 and €600 if eligible). The information on the website makes it simple to understand and you can find a fully comprehensive guide to your rights as a passenger on there as well.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible?

All claims are subject to approval, however you could be eligible for compensation if:

  • Your flight was delayed for more than three hours
  • Your flight was cancelled
  • Due to a flight delayed for less than three hours you missed a connecting flight, resulting in you landing at your destination more than three hours later than expected
  • You were denied boarding because of overbooking on the flight

It’s also worth noting that the flight in question must have been within the past six years, and the delay (if applicable) was not due to extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather.

How Do I Apply?

Applying for compensation is easy – simply href=””rel=”nofollow”>go to the Compensair website and click the “Check your flight now in two minutes” button. Follow the instructions, and voila! All done with no complicated paperwork or unnecessary stress. A lot simpler than the alternative, which involves collating evidence, submitting documents, and a whole lot more waiting around.

Compensair flight compensation - claim money for your cancelled or delayed flight from your holiday or travels

Money of course is no replacement for a missed or altered holiday, but it’s comforting to know that, should I be in that situation, there’s a company out there who have got my back. If you’ve experienced flight delays within the last six years then you may well be owed something, so head over to Compensair now to find out more.

Have you ever experienced delays when flying before? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and pin!

Compensair flight compensation - claim money for your cancelled or delayed flight from your holiday or travels

16 thoughts on “AD: Get Your Money Back On Delayed Or Cancelled Flights With Compensair

  1. I mean, I haven’t flown in around 10 years but I remember going on holiday with my parents when I was younger and getting some pretty rubbish delays! Nothing can give you your time back but compensation definitely goes a long way!

  2. I wish I knew about this when I flew to my parents in Montana! I had a changeover in Salt Lake City & it was so supposed to be less than 1 hour between flights but it turned into 5 hours…

      1. It was in August but I reread it & they said it won’t work for flights delayed due to weather. The weather was perfectly fine in Salt Lake City but the plane was coming from Florida where they had bad weather…

  3. This will come in SO handy with all the cheap European airlines I use to travel with! They’re always delayed and it’s so frustrating!

  4. This is fantastic info! On our last vacation in Greece, our flight got delayed for over seven hours. I was literally crying because we were supposed to pick up the kids from my parents and then drive for another hour, and we promised them we will be there early. It was such a sour note to end a great little getaway on:( this would have probably made us feel vindicated a little:) definitely saving this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Very useful information. I hate delays when I’m travelling, it’s so stressful with my kids too. It’s good to know that there are compensation companies out there.

  6. I’ve been so lucky so far *touch wood* that none of my flights have ever been massively delayed. But my husband flies a lot for work and he’s definitely had the whole ‘overbooked flight’ situation turn up once or twice! It’s bizarre that they can get away with that, so it’s great to hear that there is such an easy service to help you claim compensation. Thank you for sharing this, it’s going to save a lot of people from a lot of headaches!

    1. I can’t even believe that’s allowed to happen, it’s crazy! Honestly, flights are just a massive headache in general (although I never mind so much if getting cancelled happens on the way back, ha!)

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