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Norwich is a wonderful city full of quirky and original experiences. One such place is Biddy’s Tea Room on Lower Goat Lane, rated as the one of the best cafés in Norwich city centre. It’s so popular, in fact, that when I went at lunchtime I ended up being turned away as it was completely full, however just walking inside told me that it would be worth the wait, and when I went back just after 2pm I managed to get a seat (one of only a couple available, mind).

The Vibe

Biddy’s Tea Room is the type of café one might describe as quaint, with cosy decor including bookshelves and various artwork on the walls, and the cutest tables made out of chests. The premises consists of two floors – I didn’t see the top floor, but tables here can be booked out due to the café’s busy nature, and the ground floor consists of several rooms and the main food area.

Interior of Biddy's Tea Room in Norwich, Norfolk

It’s the perfect place to relax – As soon as I sat down I wished I’d brought a book with me as it just felt so calm and chilled out (even with the amount of customers). Perhaps it was the decor, but I really felt comfortable while I was there, and the trip had a strong sense of self-care attached to it, which only increased as I got to try out their wonderful food and teas.

The Food

Biddy’s Tea Room has different menus for different times of day, with a wide range of options to please every visitor. One of these menus is particularly special – their tea menu. They don’t just offer the regular coffees and teas but also their own unique loose leaf tea blends which are original and make a lovely change from your standard Breakfast Tea (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course). Whilst there I tried out the Russian Caravan, a blend of Ceylon and Lapsang, which was as wonderful as it sounds. The tea arrived in a gorgeous dark green teapot alongside a porcelain teacup and saucer, and the menu was quite useful in that it explained what made up each tea and how long it should steep for. There were also plenty of caffeine-free options.

Biddy's Tea Room Norwich Best Place For Afternoon Tea

And onto the food… All I can say is wow. Due to the time of day I decided to opt for something a bit lighter for my lunch with a dessert alongside it, yet I was still stuffed by the end of it! I had to eat it all though as it tasted beautiful. For my main lunch course I opted for a latticed pork sausage, apple, and sage roll – an exquisite blend of flavours. It almost looked too good to eat, but I’m glad I did! The sausage roll slice was served with a side of coleslaw and dressed salad, and as well as filling it felt healthy.

Biddy's Tea Room Norwich Best Place For Afternoon Tea

I went for a rather decadent dessert after a recommendation from staff – a banana, caramel, peanut, and chocolate truffle. I probably didn’t need it given how filling lunch was, but the richness and sweetness of the dessert was well worth it. It was also beautifully presented, and something I’d definitely order again.

Biddy's Tea Room Norwich Best Place For Afternoon Tea

The Extras

As mentioned above, the upper floor of Biddy’s Tea Room can be booked out via their website, and it’s definitely recommended as it gets super busy. One reason you might want to book a table is for an afternoon tea lunch date, which is a popular option and offers some gorgeous food options. I didn’t get to try this out (I don’t think there would have been room for it!) but if you do choose an afternoon tea option then you can opt for Full, Half, Sweet Tooth, High Tea, Cream Tea, or Savoury Tea. They are actually one of the only places I’ve come across that also offer afternoon tea for one (usually it’s for two people) which gives you even more reason to take a book and get lost in an afternoon of reading and cake with just yourself and company. That’s certainly my plan next time I’m in Norwich, anyway!


Final Thoughts

I don’t have anything but positive words for Biddy’s Tea Room – the environment was cosy and relaxing, the staff were brilliant and more than helpful, and of course the food was gorgeous. The only downside is it’s not right next to my house! I know for sure that if I go back to Norwich I’ll just have to visit the café again, and I strongly recommend you do as well.

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Biddy's Tea Room Norwich Best Place For Afternoon Tea

17 thoughts on “Biddy’s Tea Room, Norwich | The Best Place For Afternoon Tea

  1. This place sounds right up my street. I will remember to visit if I’m ever in the area. Thanks for your interesting and well written post xx

    1. I’m sure it will be – everyone loves it! I’m definitely going to go back when I have the time (my sister is going to uni there so that gives me a good reason to go haha)

  2. The tea menu sounds amazing! That made me so excited as a herbal tea lover. Dessert looked incredible.
    Once again your post has made me hungry!
    I think you’d love somewhere called Coffee Architects in Leamington Spa.
    Thank you for sharing with us!
    Alyssa x

  3. I’m from Norwich originally and so this review tugged at the heart strings to go back and explore after a long absence. Thanks Hannah for a well written article – I can almost smell the food !

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