Meadow Hill Coffee Shop & Deli, Great Dunmow | Essex-Based Coffee Shop Serving British Cuisine & A Range Of Delicatessen Favourites

Great Dunmow is a lovely little town in Essex, both quaint and quintessentially British. I recently discovered the area through work and had some time to spare so visited Meadow Hill Coffee Shop & Deli to see what was on offer on the side of Essex that I’m least familiar with.

The Vibe

Meadow Hill Coffee Shop has a really lovely, relaxed vibe about it – its pale teal walls make it feel calm, and the friendliness of the staff and cute, simple decor emphasises how homely it is.

Meadow Hill Coffee Shop Deli Great Dunmow Essex

The majority of the seating comprises of wooden tables and chairs (where I sat) however I fell in love with the long, sofa-style seating at the far end, which spans over two tables and is adorned with cushions of various colours and sizes. It just looks so cosy and inviting – the perfect spot for an afternoon catch-up with friends. There is also an outdoor seating space at the back however, given that I visited in November, I didn’t witness this area (pictures online confirm that it looks lovely, though).

The Food

As I was working when I visited I decided to order something small than a large meal (despite being tempted!). The menu caters for all, from quick bites such as sausage rolls and bowls of soup to larger dishes like jacket potatoes and platters. A flat white was an absolute given being in a coffee shop, but I also decided to go for a sweet treat because the one thing that makes work better is cake! I actually took a bit of a risk here, opting for their sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream – sticky toffee pudding is something I only like if it’s really good, but the clotted cream really swayed my decision.

Meadow Hill Coffee Shop Deli Great Dunmow Essex  - coffee whilst working

The coffee arrived in a cute little cup and was the perfect size for a flat white. If you know me then you’ll understand that flat whites being served in large volumes are not something I appreciate! The cake arrived soon after – quite a generous serving of both warm pudding and toffee sauce, with properly fresh clotted cream in a dish (and quite a lot of that too, to my delight).

Despite my preferences I have to admit that the sticky toffee pudding was gorgeous, and the clotted cream flavours really complemented how decadent it was. It was rich, but not so rich that it couldn’t be finished (the cake disappeared in less time than I’d like to admit, if I’m honest). I didn’t feel rushed at all, even when umming and ahhing over the dessert menu, and the staff were quite happy for me to work out of there.

The Extras

One thing that I thought was a really good idea by Meadow Hill is that they sell the artwork featured on their walls and having a gallery is a nice little extra that I love seeing in cafés, being an artist myself. What’s great about this is that, not only can you peruse and perhaps purchase art whilst you relax with a cuppa, but you also get a different range of paintings to enjoy each time you visit.

Meadow Hill Coffee Shop Deli Great Dunmow Essex artwork

Meadow Hill Coffee Shop is also a deli and they sell a brilliant selection of different foodie products. Tiptree Jam features there of course, and you’ll also find other tasty options such as Tracklements and crackers from Maldon Sea Salt. There were a lot of products that would be great as gifts and I ended up buying a small jar of dijon mustard for myself, which I just had to get as it was only 80p!

Meadow Hill Coffee Shop Deli Great Dunmow Essex - Tracklements dijon mustard

Final Thoughts

In case you can’t tell, I had a great experience at Meadow Hill Coffee Shop and felt it was a lovely introduction to the town of Great Dunmow, which it sits within perfectly. I can’t recommend it more for a coffee or a meal, and it’s a great place to stop at if you’re looking for something to take home, too.

Have you been to this area of Essex? Where was your favourite dining experience? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and pin!
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