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We typically go for morning flights when travelling so breakfast at the airport is a must. This time around we decided to jump on our friend’s tradition of pre-flight poached eggs, and opted for Coast To Coast at Stansted Airport as they offer a range of egg-based breakfasts to suit all travellers.

The Vibe

Coast To Coast is situated right in the heart of the dining area of Stansted Airport, and is one of the restaurants that you’ll see first with it being right opposite the corridor you walk in through. The decor is absolutely lovely – well-lit and very warm in hue. Dining tables can fit a variety of group sizes in, and both the bar and kitchen area are visible from the seating area.

My favourite thing about the design was the use of wine bottles to decorate the walls – it brings a sophisticated feel to the venue and makes for lovely surroundings whilst you eat your meal.

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The Food

Coast To Coast offers American cuisine whatever the time of day, with breakfast, main, kids’, and cocktail menus. I wanted to start my holiday off with a bit of excitement so instead of ordering Eggs Benedict as planned, I decided to go for the fiery and unusual Eggs Pimento, which features a poached egg on a breakfast muffin with a hollandaise sauce. What makes this one quite interesting is that it’s topped with chorizo, spinach, mushroom, and spices/herbs (I believe cayenne, chives, and some others – it was very hot).

The dish itself is very pretty to look at and it was so flavoursome, with the hollandaise and the chili offsetting each other nicely. I was certainly warmed up by the end of it but it was a punchy start to my day and I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone.

My mother-in-law and friend also went for egg-based breakfasts, going for scrambled eggs on toast and Eggs Royale respectively. Both had beautiful presentation again, and the scrambled egg was a very good portion size. The Eggs Royale contained a poached egg on a muffin topped with smoked salmon and hollandaise and, like the Eggs Pimento, was a really flavoursome and tasty option.

My partner Paul and my father-in-law went for one of the house specials, opting for the Coast To Coast Breakfast. Both came with cumberland sausage, bacon, fried potato pieces, half a grilled tomato, a dish of baked beans, and either scrambled or fried egg. The breakfasts were very well cooked and more than adequate in terms of portion size, and Paul particularly enjoyed the fried potatoes which were really herby and full of flavour. Neither of us were a massive fan of the scrambled egg but that was because it was quite milky, which isn’t how we eat it at home – if you like your scrambled egg done in this way then it’s perfect.

Drinks were all fine as well – the coffee was very good, and I went for an Earl Grey which paired perfectly with my Eggs Pimento. I liked how the milk came out in cute little glass bottles, and the staff were able to provide soya milk for those of us that needed it.

The Extras

For those busy fliers, Coast To Coast offer an ‘order in advance’ option called Grab, where you can order your food before you get to the airport and then pick up when it’s ready. Many other restaurants offer this at Stansted Airport and it’s a great option for when you’ve got less time before your flight than anticipated, but don’t want to settle for a portion of disappointing plane food. I haven’t used this personally but will definitely consider it next time I need to.

Final Thoughts

All five of us really enjoyed our breakfast at Coast To Coast and it’s a great place to eat at Stansted Airport if you’re looking for something hearty and filling. I’d happily go back there for breakfast again and I’d also like to try out their pizzas, burgers, and ice cream floats if we ever have a later flight.

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