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Having your ex-philosophy teacher stick their fingers up your nose isn’t an entirely normal situation to find yourself in, but it’s one I’ve experienced nonetheless.

…Let me explain. Psara, founder of Psara Piercing Colchester, is my body piercer and also, strangely, used to be both my Philosophy and Religious Studies teacher. She was truly an inspiration in school and college and taught me so much about the subjects – well beyond what was required in the curriculum. I was slightly surprised when I found out she was moving into the piercing industry, however I could see that it would work.

Like with teaching she’s injected a passion into her craft, going from newbie piercer to fully qualified piercing teacher who now owns the British School of Body Piercing in a relatively short space of time. Her studio has now been given an upgrade, so last Sunday I attended her launch event to check it all out and give a review of her business to date.

The Business

Psara Piercing Colchester studio room
Where the stabbing happens (no violence, I promise)

Psara Piercing used to be located in Mile End however it’s now in Rowhedge Business Park, on the other side of Colchester. The premises are much bigger, featuring not only the piercing space but also a larger reception area (complete with products for sale and the obligatory caffeine) and a gorgeous outdoor space which gives it a really chilled and peaceful vibe. In Mile End, Psara Piercing shared premises with Serenity Rooms however the upgraded building is on its own now and completely inclusive of all piercing needs. I believe Psara has many ideas concerning what to do with the extra room so watch this space!

Products & Services

Psara is the only fully qualified piercer in Colchester and her service certainly reflects that – she is trained in a wide variety of ear, face, and body piercings, including genital piercings, and she’s the only piercer I’ve been to that hasn’t led to issues down the line. Her prices are slightly more expensive than other local piercers but there’s a good reason for that, as what you get is so much more. Rather than the standard ‘stab in your ear and you’re done’ service you might be used to, any piercing done by Psara includes the jewellery, a comprehensive aftercare kit, and a lifetime warranty. This means that should you need the piercing redone for any reason at all, she’ll do it again for free. Forever. I’m yet to encounter any other piercers that offer this and, when you think about it, her prices are a bloody good deal with that included. She’s highly knowledgeable on the subject of piercing and is always there to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. She will also never put you at risk for the sake of a sale – if a piercing isn’t going to work then she’ll tell you straight up, and help you instead to find one that does.

Psara Piercing Colchester products and services
Some of the many products on offer (with loads more out of shot!)

It’s not just piercings, either – Psara sells a range of different jewellery, plus products relating to piercing such as her new lavender and coconut healing balm. She’s recently introduced a build-your-own jewellery option for necklaces and bracelets (having previously sold handmade jewellery herself) and will soon be offering small, simple tattoos. This service isn’t open for a couple of months but I’m so excited to try it out.

The Launch

Psara Piercing Colchester example of piercing - tragus dermal
My new tragus dermal (the blue one)

Now, let’s not forget the launch! I was quite curious about how it would all play out but the day proved to be fantastic – anyone who bought a ticket was able to experience a variety of different activities and also got a free piercing thrown in! I’d already had four piercings from Psara (I have twelve in total, and two that need to be redone from a previous piercer), and this time I chose to be brave and go for a tragus dermal. That makes it thirteen! As always I was super impressed with the process – it was quick and relatively painless (I didn’t actually realise when it was done), and the customer service was brilliant as usual. Psara is very good at putting customers at ease and I honestly think I wouldn’t have been so brave with the piercings I’ve received from her (including a nape dermal and nose piercing) had she not been so good at preparing me for each piercing.

After my piercing I decided to try out a reflexology taster session with Amanda Green, owner of Crystal Clear Holistic Therapies in Colchester. I’d never tried reflexology before and I was slightly nervous if I’m honest (I’m super ticklish on my feet to the point where I can’t even touch them) but Amanda was brilliant – there wasn’t a single uncomfortable moment! She picked up on my tense state of being straight away, and was able to tell which areas I was experiencing pain in through my feet. The session was so relaxing and I came away feeling much more at ease. I’ve booked a full 45 minute session so can’t wait to see what that does for me!

Psara Piercing Colchester - Emma from Colour Me Beautiful At Home
Emma showing a client her finished look

I then moved onto Emma, an advisor with Colour Me Beautiful At Home, who gave me a mini make-up assessment. I’ll admit that I know nothing about make-up and so I was nervous about this too – especially when Emma asked me to put all of her choices on myself! I appreciate that she did though, as once I’d seen the finished result I felt empowered that I’d managed to style myself in that way. Emma helped me to realise my skin tone and then provided me with a really useful card that shows which colours of each product is best suited to my face. I couldn’t believe the difference that it made, and I certainly came away feeling more confident. Emma is so full of energy and positivity as well as loads of interesting make-up facts and hacks, and I’ve already applied what I’ve learnt from her by shaking up my make-up routine.

Psara Piercing Colchester - The Amethystic Mystic spiritual reading spread
My first Lenormand reading – I’ll be buying a pack of these!

Finally I visited Rebecca from The Amethystic Mystic for a spiritual reading. I explained to her my beliefs surrounding readings and she was more than happy to accommodate my scepticism which I really appreciated! As I practice tarot myself she introduced me to a new set of cards, Lenormand, which was really interesting to experience. The session was eye-opening, accurate to my situation and useful in terms of new perspectives, and I learnt a lot from it. Rebecca was happy to explain how the cards worked which I appreciated, and she got me involved as she read the cards which made it feel much more personal. We finished with an oracle card to cover the next month, and Rebecca explained how this could link in with the results of the Lenormand cards. This was my first spiritual reading, but I really enjoyed having someone to guide me and I’d definitely go back to her for further readings!

Psara Piercing Colchester - sweary cupcakes from The Bake Collection
Cupcakes perfect for both friends and enemies

As well as the experiences there was great music from Matt, one of Psara’s friends with a voice perfect for a warm, sunny day, and I got to purchase some wonderful NSFW cupcakes from The Bake Collection before I left (not sure my partner appreciated the gesture but they tasted amazing so I think he’s forgiven me!). In case you’re wondering, The Bake Collection also do cakes that aren’t quite so offensive…


Final Thoughts

The launch event was an exciting look at the new premises but also how far Psara has come. I don’t consider myself particularly loyal when it comes to brands and services as I generally just go with whatever is more convenient, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t consider any other piercers in the area now that I’ve experienced Psara’s service. It takes over an hour and a half to get to her from my house but I’m more than happy to travel that far as I know I couldn’t get a better service anywhere else. If you’re local to Colchester and want to get any piercings then I wholeheartedly recommend Psara Piercing, and from what I’ve seen through being a test subject for her learners (and from having her as a teacher) she’s your best bet for training to become a piercer as well. Further information on both her services and her training school can be found on her website.

Which of these services would be your first choice? Let me know in the comments! Please also like and pin if you enjoyed this post. You can check out my other recent reviews from the Colchester area here:

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9 thoughts on “Psara Piercing | Best Piercing Shop In Colchester For Ears And More

  1. It sounds like you had an amazing day!
    The aftercare kit and ife time guarantee at the piercing place is a fantastic idea.
    I love an Oracel reading, I often switch between tarot and oracle but have never had a spiritual reading myself. It sounds very interesting.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yeah it was lovely! I’d definitely recommend the Lenormand cards if you want to try something different – they’re quite interesting because every single card is used, however you read them based on how they are positioned against one another. I really loved them!

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