Please note: As of April 2021, Pages Places & Plates is no longer live

Launched in 2019 as a site for the experiencers of the world, Pages, Places, & Plates is all about books to read, food to eat, and places to explore.  If you need something new in your life (but aren’t sure what) then this is a good place to start!

Diani Beach in Kenya – one of my all-time favourite ocean-based experiences

I’m passionate about good experiences and so want to share mine with everyone I can, whether it be something completely off-the-wall and exciting like an international excursion or something slightly less intense, such as a good book. I want to give my readers a real depiction of whatever it is that I’m reviewing so that it can be experienced by many others if it deserves it. I’m not going to sell you anything, but rather provide a balanced look at each experience for you to then make your own minds up about.

And now onto me! I’ve been interested in writing all my life, whether it be fiction or non-fiction… There’s nothing quite like sitting with an empty notebook, pen in one hand and tea in the other. I’m working on a couple of fiction projects but now focusing on branching further into the non-fiction world of reviews.

I’m well-versed in reviews already (if you’re into films, games, and tech then you might know me from the CEX blog!) and have reviewed items for my local magazine and online sites. This blog has given me a chance to review even more topics that I am passionate about and you can expect to find reviews for books, cafés and restaurants, British experiences, and international travel.

I made a friend on a spur of the moment camel ride in Lanzarote

As well as the blog I also have a presence on social media so please follow me! You can expect blog updates, photos, and even the occasional giveaway!

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