Radio & Podcast Interviews

As well as reviewing books on my blog I also feature monthly on local radio station Big Ear Radio for Sarah Banham’s show Writer’s Block, which are also featured on her podcast The Versatile Writer. To listen to any episode then just follow the link to each, plus episodes can also be downloaded via The Versatile Writer on iTunes.

Introduction – 25th Feb 2019

The Summer of Chasing Dreams by Holly Martin – 25th Mar 2019

Sabine Matharu, Jenny Colgan, & Tineke Peeters – 29th Apr 2019

Alex Poppe, Culture Smart!, & Ann Marie Ruby – 27th May 2019

Anton Eine, Jennifer L. Cahill, & Matt Haig – 24th Jun 2019

Author Interview with Jean Roberts – 29th Jul 2019

R. K. Holliday, Stephanie Parrell, & Holly Martin – 26th Aug 2019 (awaiting upload)

Anton Eine, Vanessa Westermann, & Lindsay Coldrick – 30th Sept 2019

Ann Napolitano, Marlena Maduro Baraf, & B. Jeanne Shibaharu – 30th Sept 2019

Keith Houghton, Anton Eine, & Mark Edwards – 28th Oct 2019

Sanjog Aul, C. J. Zahner, & Rosey Lee – 25th Nov 2019

Keep up with the latest radio updates by following the Colne Radio blog and liking Sarah’s Facebook page for the show! You can also follow her on Twitter. Sarah owns writing business For The Love of Books – check out her website and Facebook page!