Sjofn No. 1 Scented Candle | Luxury Floral Candle With An Affordable Price Tag

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I’m a huge candle fan – since summer has forlornly waved farewell I’ve lit candles pretty much every evening at home in the hope that I can bring about some Hygge comfort, ready for the dark and trying winter nights. When candle brand Sjofn got in touch regarding a luxury candle collaboration I just had to say yes!


Sjofn is a UK born company passionate about bringing luxury homeware products that add something special to your home. 
We pride ourselves on quality and delivering products that last. All our products are designed with careful consideration to all our products and packaging – aesthetically and functionally. 
We aim to use minimal plastic in all our products and are always looking at ways to improve on the sustainability of our products. 
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My Review

Before I’d even opened the packaging of my No. 1 Scented Candle I could already smell the gorgeous floral notes that the product description promised – there’s a real hint of spring which is all-encompassing, yet not overpowering. The candle came in a lovely green box (no plastic to be seen!) that helped it to come across as a luxury product despite the affordable price (£12 per candle at the time of review).

The candle itself is white and held in a beautiful glass jar, frosted and green with the Sjofn logo in copper at the front. It looks stunning as a decor piece, and I felt it looked right at home as an autumn candle, perfect for those chilly evenings where you want to get cosy. The jar itself is sturdy and of excellent quality, making it easy to carry around if needed without it being too hot to handle.


The scent was subtle but relaxing whilst lit, and just having it on a shelf or other surface when unlit means you’ll still be able to enjoy that floral aroma. Sometimes I find scented candles like Yankee Candle and other mainstream brands can smell manufactured or almost plasticky (and I even get migraines from some of them), yet Sjofn’s No 1 Scented Candle was calming and felt natural. The company’s candles are vegan, non-toxic, and made of long-lasting soy, meaning that you can feel safe using them without worrying about paraffin or any other dodgy substances.

I have a habit when it comes to candles of going for quantity over quality, so one problem I encounter is that they burn so quickly – especially when I’m lighting so many in the winter months! Sjofn promise around 45 hours of burn time with this candle, making it well worth the money and a much more sustainable product overall.

Final Thoughts

My No. 1 Scented Candle takes the prime spot on my candle shelf now – it’s such a gorgeous fragrance and brings a real positive vibe to my already Hygge living room. Both classy and sophisticated, this candle by Sjofn makes the perfect gift for candle lovers, and I’m excited to see what other luxury scents they bring out in the future.

Purchase Links

If you’d like to purchase your own Sjofn No. 1 Scented Candle then you can do so from the following link:

Sjofn No. 1 Scented Candle from Amazon UK

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18 thoughts on “Sjofn No. 1 Scented Candle | Luxury Floral Candle With An Affordable Price Tag

  1. The packaging of this candle is beautiful. It has a great length of burning time too!
    I love candles, especially coming into the Autumn and Winter months.
    This would make a perfect stocking filler or small gift.

  2. I like that this wasn’t too overpowering. I’m not a fan of floral scents because they usually give me a headache because they’re so sweet and a bit icky. But a nice subtle background scent sounds perfect! x

  3. Luxury & Candle. Two things that speak to me! I love candles, scented, non-scented, floral, non-floral, decorative.. you name it, I’ve got it!
    Loved this post!

  4. I absolutely love candles and this one seems lovely! The green makes it look very expensive indeed!

  5. Oh this looks lovely, perfect for this time of year! I absolutely love candles and I’m always looking for the perfect one. This is gorgeous, the packaging is so stylish and I love the sound of the scent. I agree with you that sometimes Yankee Candles are just a bit synthetic so this sounds like a lovely, more natural, alternative!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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